Introducing our handmade health products- Weightloss , Detox, Brain Health, Eyewash and more!

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Hey all, So, we've carried over from our etsy shop our handmade health products and i am stoked! I am stoked because after almost 2 years of being on Etsy it's time to close that  chapter.



Life Creators have been in the handmade health business for 3 years. But we didn't just start there.

Our owner and Founder Joelee Smith has an history in health that stemmed back to her childhood for almost 40 years.

Our products are FIVE STAR rated and range from , Weightloss, Detox, Eyewash, Brain Health, Iron Supplements , Men's and Women's Health.

We make both capsules and liquid supplements all handmade. 



We are so excited to merge Life Creators Health with Life Creators Fashion And Beauty  under one umbrella LIFECREATORSTHEBRAND. This is a MAJOR step in our business and we want to celebrate with you. 

As a part of our celebration and a way to say THANK YOU  We are giving oall first time customers of (lifecreatorsthebrand) new and old 20% discount on purchases with FREE SHIPPING on orders $100 or more. 

Discount is automatic at check out.





Ok, let's get to introduce our products.

Today I am introducing two of our top selling products MUCUS EYE WASH and our INTRACELLULAR MUCUS CLEANSE  


From the eyes to the whole body - we got you!

These two products go fast and our reviews show why.  You can see our reviews here!




As the title reads MUCUS EYE WASH- Our mucus eye wash works to remove mucus from your eyes. It's 100% Natural  made with organic herbs and handmade.

Some customers report that it helps with dryness in the eye, some reports that it improves vision and removes others report that it reduces redness.

We are happy and pleased with these reviews because it shows that our mucus eyewash serves the purpose of why we created this product. 

It's 2 floz in size and comes in an amber glass dropper bottle.

All you need is two drops in both eyes day and night and that does the trick.

 Our MUCUS EYS WASH is a variant of Dr. Sebi's eyewash - if you have ever used his- then you need to try  ours.

Mucus eyewash  is our fastest selling product  with multiple return customers and five stars reviews and I am assuming it's because it works.

If you have eye mucus that you are trying to get rid of, dryness, trouble with vision then I suggest you buy it now and take advantage of our new customers 20 % off deal! It's a guarantee you will not regret it!





Our intracellular Mucus Cleanse is our next HOT SELLING product and I am assuming again -it's because it works!

This works to cleanse the body from a cellular level of mucus and toxins .

It's 100% natural and made from organic field herbs. 



Research shows that 20% of our body weight could be toxins that are sitting in our colon.

Can you imagine having 20lbs of waste in you right now?

This is why experts suggest that we detox at least two times for the year. every six months.

Based on my personal experience I double that to four times per year. Every 3 months.

My suggestion is based on how rapidly you retox and  if you are someone who usually  eats a lot of junk food, then detoxing more regularly would be more effective for you.

Detoxing and cleansing is also great to give your system a reboost- Detoxing lightened us up , clear mental fog and gives us even more clarity.

If your last detox was over 3 months ago, or If you can't remember the last time you detox (completely) because there are different levels and ways to detox. We can detox at the surface or we can go deeper in the cells.

You need a Detox right NOW! It's only for your best interest!

Don't forget it's 20% off for all first time customers and free shipping!


Ok, so there yo have it- Our introduction!


Always remember Health first ! 



Life Creators


Ps. If you enjoy this blog please leave us a comment! 


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