Start planning your winter vacation and take advantage of our special offers! OFFER ENDS SOON SO MAKE HAY!

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Hey girls! Welcome to lifecreatorsthebrand home of fashionable clothing for every season and reason. It's now 20% OFF all our inventory plus free shipping to the US on orders $100 or more!

This is our initial launch and we expect to expand into more areas such as health and beauty very soon.

At this moment we are only carrying Dresses and Swimsiuts but there are plenty of options to choose from and I am sure you will find something that you love for yourself or a loved one.

The fall/winter season is slowly approaching and now is a good time to start shopping for those apparel. If you are planning your 2022 winter vacation it may also be a great time to start shopping for those items too- it's always best to plan ahead to avoid stress and confusion later on.



I started out with a handmade health business that was launched in 2020 on Esty.

Today I decided to take a step back, not from health but from the handmade business which led me to launching lifecreatorsthebrand.

This business venture comes naturally to me  as I spent half of my life in the fashion and beauty industry as a model. 

I've  also  worked  in retail at Lord and Taylor in dresses and shoes, then further got promoted to Chanel as a beauty adviser ( as you know Chanel is one of the biggest brands in the fashion and beauty industry) .

So it's safe to say that I am an expert in my field.

I like to explore and indulge myself in many different things. 

( At the rate of how things are going at this point we definitely need that right now)

I believe we are all talented in some way or another, as that I also write Courses and Books (PRINTED AND DIGITAL) on personal and business development you can check those out here

If you need help with selecting any of our items or you've got a question for me

I am accessible and available to answer all your questions and assist you in all the ways I can.

Let me also add that this is a legitimate business- no shams or scams :) 

It feels so good to have you here!

Happy Shopping!



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