Life Creators is Brick and Martar Plant-based health and beauty lifestyle brand located in kingston, Jamaica.

Life Creators have been in business since 2019 and have grown steadily over  the years. 

Our products are Ecofriendly and handmade of the finest quality field herbs, natural spices and organic fruits, 99% of which is sourced locally, right here in Jamaica.

With every product made we bring to you the indegeniety of our island and a tatse of our culture and tradition.


At Life Craetors a healthy lifestyle is our choice and we are passionate about helping you create a life of health and abundance. 

We believe that by taking the necessary wellness action we all can look and feel our best.

It is also our belief that we are all "LIFE CREATORS" creating our own reality through our ACTION/S and by being in divine oneness with the universal laws and principles.


I started Life Creators so that I can help as many people improve their health. I also wanted to share, selflessly, a major part of myself with others through the products that I have created.

As a vegetarian, a naturalist, and a health & wellness Expert and someone who has been using holistic and traditional healing and recieved its benefits.

 I wanted to create the same natural remedies that I have used for people who were ready to heal naturally and create health.


Our vision is to see the improvement of health in all our customers through the use of our products.

At Life Creators we know that your health and well-being is important to you. We also know that health starts from within.
We are aware that all of us want to achieve good health, looking and feeling our best.

But where do we start?

Choosing the right products is a good place to start to improve health.
Our herbal dietary supplements will take care of your health from the inside-out, while our beauty products will have you glowing and radiating on the outside.

We pride ourselves on producing the best products and giving quality services.
Our customers are treated with the same level of integrity, care and transparency as we treat ourselves.

That's our GAURANTEE to you!



(Owner and Founder)

Life Creators



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