The carnal man and the spiritual.


   Hello my beautiful Lifers, welcome once again to Life Creators Blogspot where we aim to, educate,elevate, and changes life, through the information shared here and the manifestation of your own reality.
Now, today's teaching is on the two men that GOD created us to be and as such we entered this world. These two men are the carnal man and the spiritual man. The bible profoundly speak of these two men, in Genesis when GOD created the heaven,the earth, and all its fernaments, he created two men one man he created out of dust and the other of light, these two men are separate but not separate, meaning both men are you. The man-made dust is the carnal man, the physical man, the flesh. The man of light is your spirit and your soul.
The carnal man, the man-made is made out of dust that can be blown away like leaves in the wind or dust carried away by wind. However, the man if light your spirit, liveth forever.

Before, my awakening I knew nothing of this. I was never fully conformed to the either of a materialistic world, deep down in my core I knew  there was more to life, there has to be. Remember we came into this world BLANK with nothing, no house, no car, no job, no clothes, no shoes, no brand new, anything. we were like clean canvas ready to be painted on. However, because the world as we know it is ideally a material world, our natural form became one of material.

No one will teach us how to find our way back to light, we came into this world by free will so it is our responsible  to escape  the world of darkness and reconnect with the light.
It is man's only purpose to overcome the temptations to subject to the  carnal material man and find it's way back to our  souls, our everlasting light.
The bible tells us in Romans that the carnal man cannot be a spiritual man. That means if you are of the world and have the love for materials and if you are not living by his words and carrying out his work the spirit of GOD doesn't reside in you. Because you cannot love the world and GOD at the same. He said is James that if you are a hearer of the word and not a doer then you are dead. This means if you know the word of GOD and ignore it then your spirit or soul is lost. Because the carnal man CANNOT be a man of the spirit. This does not mean you need a religion or a church. This simply means you must know the ways of the Lord and follow them, live your life according to his words not the words of man. He said all laws we must follow because all laws apply to every man. And I not speak of man-made laws (which can be broken) I speak of laws of GOD which no man can break. The scripture said that you cannot say that you will not commit adultery but kill a man. All laws apply to all men and must be kept.

So the carnal man is the way of the world it is all things physical or material the carnal man is the man that is living by that 10% of his brain and not realizing that he is more powerful than all things he has seen and only who has the power to break the curse of the material man and reconnect with his light. The spiritual man sees no death but the carnal can vanish away like smoke in thin air.
How do we relinquish the power of the carnal and allow the spirit that which we are to take dominance over our lives?

Man is always being tested by temptation, but it is in our will to not be led by the power of the flesh. Nothing good comes from the flesh- only we must control our urge to lust.
Remember earlier I spoke about that 10% of our brain? in the bible when GOD spoke if tithes this is what he meant giving up that 10% of our brain which is our carnal self. The next 90% of our brain is the spirit man, non- physical so when you give that tithe to GOD, he will then reward you with the other ninety percent  which is your higher being. Have you ever wondered why we have a whole brain and can only access  ten percent? GOD made no mistake when he was creating man it was all a part of GOD'S PLAN now it is the work of man to not covet the world and remember the covenant he made with GOD before he came into the flesh so that GOD can now reward him with the gift of abundance. In the scripture it says that the carnal man cannot be a spiritual man and the body without a spirit is dead. So this means that if a man coveted the world and fornicate against the words of GOD then that man is alive only in the flesh but not in spirit.
When we grow our GOD-LIKE CONSCIOUSNESS we will remember and know exactly who we are, our powers, our strength, and our purpose. Until we know the material world no more, we are like a shaft that the wind bloweth.

My beautiful LIFERS, there is no SALVATION in the flesh, but only in the word and work of the lord. When GOD speaks of work in the Bible he not speaking about physical work he speaking of spiritual work, because he knows that all is filled in the spirit than manifested through our physical lives. So, in order for man to live a life of abundance he MUST perform his spiritual duties. Throughout all my studies of the Bible, and the divine laws everything leads back to these two men, the natural man is which the carnal man, which is the man of flesh and materials and the spiritual man which is the man of the spirit, which is the man of light, which is the man of abundance. All the teachings of the bible is on how to find our way back to our spirit, so my friend I would suggest reading your bible, but I will say this, as state in revelation " let those who have the ear to hear, hear" so if you are shut off from your spirit and his operating from just the carnal man, you are also shut off from the word of GOD, so you will not have the ear to hear.
Although, it is GOD'S doing when he created a man of flesh and a man of spirit it is also GOD'S for all man to find his way back to the spirit so he Can be fulfilled.



GOD is  a loving GOd, of oneness, peace, tranquility, abundance, acceptance, enlightenment, joy, happiness, and neutrality.  It is never GOD'S plan for us to suffer, but to live a life of abundance, but only through the spirit. The spirit is one of, no fear or worry. GOD said in the scripture I give you the spirit not of fear, but of power and a sound mind. he also said that there is no wavering in faith. So, if you believe in his words undoubtedly and acknowledge  your powers, he will reward you with miracles that you never knew existed.. 
I say this many times in my videos and my Blogs  because this is my life and my journey. But when I speak of the Bible I am speaking of principles, I am speaking of the truth, I do not hold a religious stance.  So please, never confuse my teachings and my use of the scriptures as religion. Yes, I "religiously"  live by his words,  and the principles outlined in the Holy Book, However, I HAVE NO AFFILIATION TO RELIGION. Some may asked "How can you be spiritual and not religious"  and my answer to that is 'the same as how GOD loves us even though we sin"

I will speak more clearly on religion in another post, but for now, do the work necessary to "kill" the carnal  man so you can resurrect as the man of truth and light -the spiritual man.

As usual, Have  Creative day! peace and love to all humanity.

 Joelee ( Life Creator/Lightworker)


References the King James Bible and my own life experiences.