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Welcome back to our weekly Blogspot! Where we keep it educational, inspirational and with a little fun!


Oh my, what can I say the weeks are going by so fast and I do hope that you are making every day count!

I am sure I have said this somewhere before maybe in a previous blog, a video or maybe on an episode of our Life Creators' Podcast, I don't know if it feels the same for you, but I feel like January was a whole year! 

There were so many happenings in January alone that I am left feeling like I spend the entire 365 days in one month, phew! we definitely need to talk a breather coming off of that month.

Talking about a long month - Let's talk about today- It is Monday, February 10th and boy it was a long day.

I set out with a goal of accomplishing a few business errands and ended up doing twice as much as I wanted to do, which is goal accomplished and then some- so I am very thankful! Goal accomplished!

  But boy! am I tired! But I will not complain because if you ask me it is all worth it!

I accomplished all that I set out to do and more, so that's a day worth celebrating. The fact that I got everything knocked off the chart definitely makes up for the tiredness that I feel.

I like setting goals and accomplishing them- when I set goals I feel twice as productive as how I would've of felt if I didn't SET GOALS for myself.

These days I try to calendarize my day and make sure that I am hitting my marks and accomplishing my goals!

A simple task such as writing your goals down can be super rewarding!

As I set out to be organized at the beginning of the year I look forward to days of charting my daily goals and routines. I find that when I write my goals or my daily tasks I am more liable to get them done, at least  90 percent of the time.

I find that if I am just "WINGING IT" I am flustered - jumping from task to task and not getting anything done that will move the needle. I believe that in our daily routine at least one thing must be done to progress us from where we are to somewhere at a little closer to where you want to be.

So by virtue, whatever you do should be productive, We must be able to look back on our day with a smile because we have progressed! Some.times we don't complete all our set goals, however, once progress is made and we are not regressing then it is a plus.



How to Set Progressive Goals!

Setting goals are one thing- but in truth, we can set goals that limit our progress instead of moving us forward.

One of the ways to ensure that your goals are moving you forward is to set Focus Goals or Progressive Goals!

Focus goals are urgent goals- these tasks are a MUST do or MUST have! So, in other words, FOCUS GOALS are the most immediate goals.  These are things that need to be done right away! For example, there is no food in the pantry. So, if there is no food in the pantry you know that's an urgent goal because you must eat!

So, what is the immediate action to take here?

The immediate action would be, writing a shopping list and going to the market, right? 

So you wouldn't ignore that there is no food and go get your hair or nail done instead, right?

Because if that is done that would be an action that will limit your progress instead of moving it forward

Why? because getting food was more immediate than getting hair or nails done because food is more essential in this scenario, we need food to survive.

So, you see where I am going with this, right?

We MUST prioritize- It is super important to look at all the angles and narrow it down to the most acute angle or situation.   

We MUST  look at what action will create the most impact or have the most value!

So when we set goals they cannot be random, they MUST be focused and precise. This method will eliminate us doing ten different unimpactful tasks before we getting to that one task that we should have created more impact than those ten prior tasks. 

Being goal focused can also save time and energy that you could have used on something else or somewhere else that would've generated more value.   Say, for instance, my immediate goal was to put windows in the house, but I decided that I am going to buy furniture instead.

While the furniture might be necessary, the windows are more immediate, because,

one, I need to windows for safety reasons not only to prevent burglars from coming in but always to protect the furniture from being exposed or destroyed by the elements.

  So, in this case, I have used up time and energy where it was not urgently needed.  So, Being focus on your goals is knowing exactly what is it you want to accomplish in the most immediate term.

So we MUST prioritize and to prioritize one must know what is most needed or important base on their individual standpoint because what I might consider a priority, someone else might think it is not that important and visa versa.


that's a priority on a wider scale let's narrow it back down to goal setting, where we might have a different perspective


Write your goals down!

It is one thing to have your goals in your head as opposed to seeing it on paper.

It has been researched that when you write a goal down you are more liable to accomplish said goal more briskly- than if that goal is kept in your head.

Base on my own experience I find this to be a FACT! Not only do I get it done- I find that where memory is necessary I am less liable to forget that goal and with age, writing down a goal or task becomes very handy. :)

While making written notes, I find that going back to those notes I am often reminded that I have this or that to do and the impulse to get it done is far greater than if it was stored in my head.

So, as I said before these days I am writing down my goals, not only for memory but to get it done in a timely manner and also to be more organized and create a routine.

If you want to increase productivity and success rate- start charting your goals and remember while having wider ranged goals that you can accomplish over a period of time (long term)  having more focused goals (short term) will have you feeling way more productive because those goals are immediate and precise.


Goal Setting

1. Set attainable goals

2. Set shorter-term goals that can be accomplished between one day - a month

3. SEt focused or specific goals, for example, make sure your goal is specific to what you want to accomplished Like the example I used about the windows and furniture.

4. Make sure your goals are measurable

5. Write down your goals- they look better on paper and you will feel far more productive

6. Take action to complete a goal- don't just write it down

7. When you accomplished a goal make it off you list and add another goal

8. Make sure your goal is not limiting you but progressing you forward.




I used to procrastinate A LOT but once I start writing done my goals or daily task I find that I get way more done in a day than I would ever imagine. My days are far more productive and I have far more FREE time too.


Because I am organized, more focused and I am getting things DONE! Procrastination doesn't mean you are not doing- it means you are doing but not which is important.

  So start setting your goals- write them done and watch your life changed before your eyes.  And as a Life Creator, it is in your powers to change your life and make it what you want it to be! So start creating TODAY!

I am still tired and it's Tuesday, February 11th It never gets easy but we MUSt keep pushing! 

Have a Creative Day!




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