Hello, Once again,  My Beauties! It is another week and another Blog :) 

I am so grateful that I am alive and able to connect with you through this medium.  Most weeks I am unsure of what to discuss or what my message will be

But in the midst of unsurety  I pull my chair out, sit around my desk, open my laptop and start writing.

We never ever have it all figured out and that is why we should opt to go with the flow other than driving ourselves crazy trying to figure it all out- which we never do.
The past few weeks have been very difficult for me, I find it hard to cope with everything, which has me praying more, reading my bible more frequently and restoring my faith in GOD. 

On that note, I had a heart to heart with GOD this morning, about what I am doing and if I am fulfilling my divine purpose

 Sometimes I get so unsure because I want to be on the right track doing what I was called to do. I worry if I am doing all the right things and I am making an impact and fulfilling my promise to GOD to do his work and to live by his words.

So this morning was one of those mornings where I needed reassurance.  So I went talked to him (GOD) and sure he reassured me that I am doing all I needed to do.  You Know, before I started writing this blog my intent was to write a blog about the hardship I faced as an entrepreneur, however when I started writing and the Spirit led me to where I am at right now., so I kept on writing because maybe it led me down this writing path because someone needed this message more or maybe I just needed to delve into my emotions and let it all out to let it be known that I DO NOT have it all figured out and I am faced with the same challenges and the same questions and insecurities that we all are faced with.

None of us have it all figured out no matter how we pretend we do. No two days are the same, so there is no way for you to have it all figured out. Unless you have some superpower and can see what your day will be like before it happens. We are all figuring out as we go along and that's why we should never be quick to judge. 

Every day we are faced with different challenges but our struggles remain constant because we are left with the task of trying to put the pieces of the puzzles together and overcoming each challenge that is thrown at us each day. Many of us have become pros at this so it is super easy for us to accomplished these tasks. Others aren't so lucky they struggle tremendously to overcome a challenge because they just don't know HOW TO.

"HOW TO" wasn't thought in schools. The simple survival skills that we need to cope with life's challenges were left off the curriculum and we are left to figure it out on our own. Some of us never get it, unfortunately. I could have easily been one of the many that did not get it and go through life like a lost child. But along the way somehow I figured out  "HOW TO" that was necessary for me to create a life of abundance! Most "HOW TO" can be acquired by watching others who are successful in the game. We must have good discernment when watching someone else and applying what you have seen ad learned to our own lives.

Some of the ways how I cope is simple. It doesn't require a lot from the physical realm but it does require plenty of spiritual work. First, we must figure out what is your WHY? Your why is your purpose finding your "WHY" is one of the most fulfilling things that you can experience.  Your "Why" cannot be someone else wish for you or what someone thinks you should be doing. Your "WHY" comes from the core- it comes from the spirit. It is that feeling that you cannot shake even when you try to ignore it. 

For example, while I was running around doing all sorts of things, from sales to modeling, to music to Real Estate and GOD knows what else I was doing or didn't do. But while I was moving between careers trying to find what sticks. Nothing that I  was tried stuck, it never stuck because none of what I was doing was my purpose- it was never my divine calling.

Your purpose is your divine calling it is what you came into this world to be- It is also the most feared idea or thoughts, in other words, it is always that thing that you are running away from. Because it is so massive that you feel its too grand for you and there's no way that you in your physical state can handle it. But GOD never gives you more than what you can bear.

You were chosen for that task because no one else can do it better than you can, so with fears aside I want you to sit with yourself, on second thought you don't even have to sit with yourself to figure out your why because you already know what it is. And another thing not because you stayed in a Job for 30years it means that's your purpose. Staying in a job for 30 years only means that you were too afraid to live your purpose. Your purpose will never be in the form of you slaving for anyone- It would carrying that weight of making an impact in your life and others.  It would be doing things that will make or leave a mark in this world. So when I was connected with my purpose I knew right away that this was it! I found a gold mine and I was extremely ecstatic to mine for gold. Sittig around this computer writing this blog, recording my podcast, writing my books recording and editing my videos is the most fulfilled I  have ever been. When I found my 'why'  the " How to " become easier - channels start opening up and my path became clearer. Just know this that even though you will know "how to" there is still not a straight and narrow path to achieving success. It is trial and error and trying again- and that is why understanding cause and effect and knowing that you are a Life Creator is so imperative to creating a life of abundance.



Your why is your purpose- knowing your purpose will aid in you developing "HOW TO."

Remember you will never have it all figured out- Life is a school and you never stop learning and growing.

Take your time -have faith and trust GOD. Stay prayed up meditate, read your bible, take care of your well-being and spirit.

Know that wellness and spirituality are major-key to accomplish all your goals. Be patient in your work never get discouraged - be kind to yourself and treat yourself well. And if you do get discouraged reinstate your faith and trust that everything will work diligently in your favor.  Ask for you want- do the work and let GOD do the rest!


 Have a Creative Day!!


LIfe Creator/Lightworker

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