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Not sure how much you know about SEA MOSS also called IRISH MOSS and scientifically known as CHONDRUS CRISPUS.

SEA MOSS with its many health benefits has become one of, if not the MOST sort-after and used SUPERFOOD

I am NOT surprised though that it is!  We are just returning to the natural &  traditional way of healthcare.   As a little girl growing up in a small rural town in St. Mary called Robin's Bay-a fishing and farming community., Sea Moss was widely crafted and used by  fishermen and most of the population there,ven us as children were fed seamos.  Sea Moss was looked at among men as the supplier of stamina, endurance,and physical strength- it was also said to increase sprem count which would in crease fertility rate.

When I was growing up, in my small town mostly men used Irish Moss, (what we called it, here in Jamaica), even though it was use among both sex and spread across age-group. The  Moss was  also harvested by the divers and sold to businesses who would then prepared and packaged the moss.

These businesses would direct thier Irsish moss advertisement to men  as a suppliment to boosts male stamina, hence why one reason it was so popular among males.

I remember as a little girl how men and women alike would talk about how great the Moss was. Not that we/they knew all its other benefits. They only knew that it was good based on the effect they had after consuming it, such as stamina, strength and vitalty.

Now, Fast forward several years later, with more research into its benefits and the infamous Dr. Sebi singing its praises and telling all its useful tales, CHONDRUS CRISPUS has reclaimed its throne and have now become to MOST demanding superfood.

With 92 (ninety-two) minerals out of the 102 (one-hundred-two)  mineral within the body, Sea Moss is no doubt one of the most nourishing seaweed.


People all over the planet have become obsessed with  SEA MOSS and have been using it for its many health benefits. I, myself have been using this highly nutritious seaweed- religiously for the past two years, and as a vegetarian using SeaMoss fits perfectly into my diet. 

Apart from its high nutritional content and value, Sea moss provides tons of after health benefits and uses. Sea Moss is a source of antioxidants, it also boosts energy and the immune system. Sea Moss can be used for digestion health, skincare, haircare, and so many other benefits.  

 Pictures below showing two different species of seamoss (we carry both)



When you purchase our SUN-DRIED SEA MOSS you must prepare it for usage.  Don't worry preparation is easy and a little of our sun-dried Sea moss goes a far way.

If you purchase a 4oz pack of our SUN-DRIED SEA MOSS that 4 oz when wet will give you  4lbs, hence a little goes a far way.

Now, after you have purchased your Sea Moss and have received it in the mail before you use it has to be prepared.

To prepare the Dried Moss for usage,  take a small amount (pinch)  in a bowl. This can last for several uses.

Wash with clean running water ( you can also use lime or lemon to cut away impurities)

after you have cleaned the moss, fresh alkaline water over Moss and leave to soak for a few hours or even overnight.

You can place the soaking moss in the Refridgerator or leave on the counter, whichever in fine.

Remember to properly close the package with the remaining Moss.

After the moss is soaked it is now ready to used. 

Refer to pic below to see how the moss looks when it is soaked and ready to use. (remember a little goes a far way,)



When the moss looks like the picture above it is now ready to be used.

(store soaked unuse moss in an airtight container in the refrigerator)

Wet moss can be used in many ways. You can use wet jelly moss in smoothies, as a raising agent when baking, as a gravy thickener, or you can eat it just as is. The wet moss can also be used as a face mask and hair treatment. Just blend a small amount until dissolved and form a thick jelly. Then apply to face(body) and hair, leave few at least 10mins then rinse with lukewarm water.

See our RECIPES for ways how you can use the moss in meal preparation.

I hope you find this article helpful and you learn some new ways how to prep and use our SEA MOSS leave a comment and let us know some of the ways you have been using sea moss and how it has worked for you.

You can also, send recipes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will add them to our recipes on our website.

Thank you!



 Peace, love, Prosperity!



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