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So today I want the share with you some quick tips on how to prep your purple seamoss for use.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of things let me give you are quick, but detailed rundown on my experience  and experiment  with this purple irish moss.


Irish moss have been around for as long as I know and I am no stranger to Seamoss.  Growing up in Jamaica on the St. Mary coast, where fishermen and divers would Wildcraft the moss and use for its nutritional values, my introduction  to seamoss was established  for since I was about five years old, way back in the 1980s.

Now, the world is just now catching up thanks to Dr. Sebi (God bless his soul) and now that is this huge craze about seamoss and everyone, including myself have been raving about the nutritionally dense superfood.

Now,fast forward  thirty years later I have come full circle with the moss.
I started using seamoss again ,religiously for the passed two year, when I officially transitioned from a traditional diet to a vegan/alkaline diet, again, thanks to Dr. Sebi for is well researched alkaline food list, I can now say that I am I true vegan and  pro- Dr. sebi.
After using the moss along with after herbs recommended  by the doctor himself (Sebi)  and have lived and benefited from their goodness, I have created my own health line of products, which can be found at online store  and also at our Esty Shop

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty of things and why I write this blog



I am raving about the goodness of this moss before I have personally used it and have seen and benefitted from all its glory. But not only that, I that searched thelegth and breath of Jamaica  to find this species of purple moss and have done tons of experiments, such, shelf-life. Washing and dry of the moss both in full sun and partial and how to make the perfect seamoss GEL.

I will write a blog about how to make the gel, but that's for later, first you need to know how to prep the moss.

After my experiment I concluded that purple moss is so different  from purple moss, in term of texture, both gel and raw, consistency, look, and taste, which makes the process to prepare somewhat different.
Let's talk about the drying process a bit, because this is on a need to know basis especially,  if you are shopping for purple, but really don't know what it looks like.
After I collect the moss from the divers I usually wash and dry the moss, why? Because there are just to much sea particle attached to the moss and I refuse to sell it that way.

My first experiment with drying g was direct sunlight, few hours later after putting the moss out to dry, went back it was golden, yes when wet  purple seamoss is place directly the sun turns it golden.
So, when you buy your purple seamoss to keep its purple clear DO NOT sun dry.
Without adding sunlight when drying I find that the purple seamoss still change slightly in color. Instead of its usual rich  purple color it more dark purple when dry.
However, there is nothing to worry about, like I said I did all the work for you and this is where it gets interesting. When I re-wet  the moss I find that it went right back to its usual rich purple color. So. If you buy some purple moss and it's dark purple that means the seller took time to wash and dry the moss so you can buy your moss clean and nice.

see pic for reference

What you should know about purple seamoss

*Purple seamoss does not GEL when soaked
*Purple seamoss does not GEL when blended

*Purple have make the yummiest gel awith a food-like consistency.
*Purple seamoss has a different texture than the golden seamoss

*Purple seamoss change slightly in color wash and when sun-dried

* Purple sea moss is sometimes two-toned
* Natural Seamoss is NOT heavily salted.
* A handful goes a far  way.

Prepping your purple seamoss

* In a bowl wash a handful of purple seamoss under running water (no lime is necessary)
* After washing pour water overvwasje seamoss, just enough to fully cover all of the moss
* Leave to soak for as long as you wish, I usually do two days Why? Because the longer you soak the more refined it is when blend, or maybe my ninja blender doesn't  know how to blend purple moss, Ethier way soak it for a while longer, and thank me later.
* You can use the soaking water to blend moss, adderall, it'sclean water and I am sure some nutrients dissolved in the water. ( I know all about that, I vacationed in food and nutrition in school).
Now your seamoss is ready to be added to your smoothies,tea, soup, porridge and gravy. It is also ready for GEL making , skincare and haircare.


Sea moss overall is very use to preppare and it so nutrituoisly good. Seamoss is safe for anyone to use.Thye only group I would suggest limited use for is anyone who has excess iodine in thier boold. Seamoss can be used for skincare and haircare see related video below.

Note: Purplr sea moss  when rewashed and dried because darker in color. But there is no need to worry if you buy a package of our purple sea moss and it doesn't have iys usual bright colr. All you need to do is wet the moss and before ypu know it-it's back to its rich purple color.

There you have it! All you need to know about purple seamoss, well not, I never mentioned  its nutritional value. Keep checking back I will blog about how to make the perfect gel!

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 Peace, Love and prosperity!


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