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So, as you know sea moss is in high demand, especially purple sea moss .  Our purple sea moss has been flying off the shelves and I have been getting requests on how to make sea moss gel . I have also written a blog before on what you need to know about purple sea moss which you might also find useful.

Anyways, as I said, I have been getting requests all sorts of requests, customers want to make their own sea moss gel but they just don't know how to. Even though I carry both golden and purple sea moss gel in 160z and 9oz I don't mind sharing my secret method on how to make sea moss gel to the world and most importantly my customers.

So< I have been getting requests and one particular customer asked me to included instructions on how to make sea moss gel in the mailing package.  So I thought way not just blog about it so more of my customers  or anyone who is interested  in making their own gel can learn how to through his blog. 

I am very generous and thoughtful, right?  Okay...let's move on


So before we get to how to let's look at some of the real benefits of using sea moss. As we know sea moss is highly nutritional and have tons of health benefits.






sea moss, both golden and purple sea moss is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function at its optimal.  Sea moss is considered a natural dietary supplement and can be take everyday, in conjunction with your other daily vitamins or a substitution for your over-the-counter vitamins. 

Sea moss is nutrition dense and come help with alleviate many health issues. Adding sea moss as apart of your diet you will see improvement in your overall  health and an increase in energy and vitality.

When I used live a traditional lifestyle my health was horrible, to say the least. I had stomach issues that almost turned into ulcer. I couldn't go a day without drinking hot tea or else my stomach would turn over on the inside and burn like hell,. I had heartburn, acid reflux and all other stomach ailments and conditions. And I am only 38year, so you can imagine, what hell I was going through in my twenties, by the way I am only vegan for 2 years to date, but i started changing my lie style about 16 years ago. 

I was also low on energy and I used to be in the gym almost everyday and taking protein shakes, daily and over-the-counter vitamins and I was feeling terrible on the inside. I knew something wasn't right with my health. 

To cut a long story short, I completely altered my diet and started eating from Dr.  Sebi's food list in 2018. Boy oh, boy, can I tell you how my health has improved? By the way I use all the products that I offer in my OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE  and ETSY SHOP,  so I know how beneficial and effective these products are. 

So anyways, I changed my diet in 2018 and that was the end of all my lethargy and stomach ailments. Now I don't depend on hot tea and I am up at 2am most days and have the energy to  perform at optimal  and sustain the entire day. So the benefits of not only sea moss but using your food as your medicine and choosing and living a healthy life will create HEALTH.



•Sea moss  is nutritious  and contain 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals our body need to function at its optimal.

•Sea moss  boosts immunity which we so need in this pandemic

•Sea moss  boosts energy, stamina, libido, vitality

•sea moss  supports thyroid health

• Sea moss Helps with digestion(GUT)





Now let's get to what we all have been waiting for, How to make sea moss gel.

Many people are in the habit of making their own sea moss gel. Which is clearly understandable because it is ok to do it yourself, at least you have the KNOW HOW.

Ok,  what i have found in experimenting with purple sea moss and golden sea moss, is this BOTH GEL DIFFRENTLY. While golden sea moss gels when blended, it is a completely different case with purple sea moss, and I use the good quality Jamaican purple and golden sea moss, so there are some difference in making both gel. 

although some may frown upon this method , base of experiment i find that adding heat to the gel, extend its self-life, wherein  the gel can stay unrefrigerated for at least 10 days and is still fresh, so add a little heat to your gel if you are going to store it.

I also find that purple sea moss, when making gel can take more water and still becomes jelly. Using alkaline water to prep gel also extend its shelf-life




1/2 Ounce cleaned and soaked purple sea moss

16 0z  alkaline water 



Place in blender cleaned and soaked purple sea moss

Add alkaline water. Blend sea moss for 2 mins

Bring sea moss to boil over low heat for 5mins. Stir occasionally.

Let sea moss cool for a few minute.

Blend cool sea moss

Pour mixture in jar, place in refrigerator  or freezer, depending on how quickly you need gel to form.

Your sea moss  should gel with 30mins- 1 hour.




Wash golden sea moss with lime and fresh water.

Bring sea moss to soak for at least a day.

Place sea moss and alkaline water in blend 

Wallah, your sea moss gel is form. add heat for 2mins {if you need long shelf-life)

pour in jar and store in refrigerator.



So, there you have it! how to make sea moss gel benefits of sea moss and some of my story.


Please feel free to check out my other blogs and leave a comment if you find this blog and other blogs beneficial. You can also comment topics that you would like me to blog on. 


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Have a healthy day!!





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