I know....I  know....I know! You are want to lose weight and sli those
Jeans that you bought since 2019 as way of  motivation to get on the health track and on your way to looking like a fitness model

But guess what? Those jeans are still tucked away somewhere in a corner of your closet that you take out occasionally just to look at because they have not motivated you enough to start you workout or dieting regime or maybe they have motivated you enough to  start but you lost momentum half away around the track because of whatever reason.

The real problem is not the jeans or the fact the you were demotivated and fell off. We all get a little demotivated sometimes, including me, but if you are doing it for a more concert and sustainable reason and you have set attainable goals , like "I want to  be a healthier version of  myself" or
"I want a lifestyle change, so I can look and feel my best"
then when you lose momentum because the reason is so much more compelling  and life altering, than "to fit jeans" no matter how long you fall of the track you will pick yourself up and get back on track.

Many of us aren't intrinsically motivated  hence , we buy a pair of our favorite Jeans with hopes that- that pair of  jeans will be enough motivation for you to get on track, lose weight, and look and feel your best.

Turth is that will NEVER work! If you are not self motivated, or wanting  to make a lifestyle change you will always fall over the wagon and when you do most times you will never get back up and the Jean's will be ticked away in your closet FOREVER  and you will keep packing the pound with the same level of motivation you had when you bought those jean. Harsh words but you need to hear them.
As a Health and Lifestyle Coach I will never tell you what you want to hear, because what you want to hear will NEVER fix the issue at hand and I am all about solution.

Now how can you really crush your Health Goals in 2021? If you have not bought that pair of Jean's that is 2 sizes smaller please don't. If you Already have keep them I'll let you know in this blog how to smash your goals and fit those jeans
1. Be consistent
2. Hire a health coach
3.change your diet
4. Make exercise your Life style
5. Set S.M.A.R T Goals
6. Get Active
7.Stop Procrastinating
8. Do it for the right reason
Be Consistent
Ok, so if you are anything like me you being consist would be one of your BIGGEST struggles, I believe inconsistency is riddles in the Pisces Genes. My follow piscerian what you say, true or false? 
The good thing about being consistent is KNOWING that you are not consistent. Having n awareness of this can help you to work on-and be more consistent. One thing you should NEVER do is be hard on yourself. Shit happens that we cannot control, so instead of beating on yourself think of ways how you can fix the issue. Steadily achieve your goals, requires level headedness and you won't to be clear about it.
So if you find that being inconsistent is one of the reason you are not smashing your goals work on a plan of being consistent, in other words set a goal to become more 


Most of you don't  want to hear this but Nutrition/DIET  is one Major Key is smashing your Health Goals! It is true it take some time to develope our taste or appetite to food. It is also true that the healthiest foods aren't the tastiest. But when your health is in jeopardy -barely hanging un the safe zone, t aste should be the least of your concern.

Yes, for us to enjoy food it must be palletble, but if you eat health food long enough and find create ways to prep them, eventually you will develop  a taste for if. To maintain Good Health it is 90 percent  of what we eat and 10 percentage  exercise and everything else. So, go figure. This is why when you bust your ass in the gym and go back to eat the same junk that you have been eating, there is no gains and you think the exercise  isn't  working. Yes, it isn't  working because you all have not change how you eat. To smash your Health goals for 2021 and beyond it will not just take deiting or exercise, it will take a whole system working together as one for you to achieve your goals. It will also take discipline!



Since we've talked about deiting let's  now look at exercise, since these two are seemingly peas in a pod. You can't  have deiting without exercise or so we've  trained to believe. Base on my experience  with both dieting and exercise and that's why I can conclusively say that Health or to get in good shape our food choice sots at the top of the pyramid with ninty percent. I have worked out like a beast for many years, while taking protien and other supplements  to build muscles. Mind you, I was not the type to eat junk i was always cognizant of what i eat and how i eat but i wasn't  completely eating all healthy food.

In my experience  once I gave up traditional dieting and started eating more electrical, alkaline plantbased food I find that I don't  need to exercise  quiet as often as I used to and my body, my helath was in far better shape than what it was when I was eating how we are trained to eat. If you really want to smash your health goals. You have to draw the line somewhere  and look at what is most important. You can want it-but if you are not ready for it you will be wasting your money buying gym clothes and membership only to be at the same place you started. You must take you health seriously and you must be ready to  take on and accept  a new  lifestyle.



Ok. Another way how you can smash your Health Goals or any Goals as a matter if fact,  in record time is by not just setting goals but making these goals S.MA R.T 

1. Specific

2 Measurable

3. Attainable


5. Time-bound

Setting Goals have long being a thing. It's proven that writing your goals down have a higher success rate then if you are just winging it. If simple writing what you want to achieve on a piece of paper or in a planner or daieyy can help you achieve your goals , imagine being more specific about these goals using the SMART method. When setting goals keep try first to set day to day, short term goals and make them SMART. Really think about what you want to acheive, how quickly you want to acheive it, think about how attainable, measurable and relevant your goals are. And always remember to check in for progress. Cuz it abstract bankers, having goals without progress.



This is a big one! We all like to procrastinate and put things off and I am so guilty of that. But in all honest holding your self back from achieving more is way more detrimental  than we believe.  It I'd time you stop Procrastinating and go after your goals, even if you don't  want to, or feel like it, push through the pain and discomfort  and Smash these goals, right after you set them. Stop waiting on all your ducks to line up perfectly, stop telling yourself you got more time, stop trying to figure out the perfect way to do it, stop waiting in things to change for you to take action. Take Action NOW! Because truth is that's the only way you will snag your Health Goals. And I am sure you want to lose weight and look and feel your best! So just do it!



Camera, Light, Action.even without the camera and the light you MUST  take ACTION in order to Smashyour Health GOALS. If you do not take Action, then you accomplish nothing. Even with though you set your  SMART GOALS and you0an to be consistent  and stop Procrastinating, and change starting and change your diet. If you dont act of any if this your HEALTH will remind the same. And this is why you MIST be ready (100 percentage) if you are not ready to improve your health and make a lifestyle change then it's  a complete waste of effort, time and money. Don't  go buying workout gear or gym membership if you are bot ready to take some serious action. You can play around with your health. Your health should be your priority. Because without good health there is no wealth.



If you have tried all of the above and still failed at smashing your goals then hiring a health coach might be your next best thing to do. A Health Coach  will create a plan for you and work with you to achieve your goals. A health coach acts as an accountability partner-a mentor, they are there to support you on your journey and provide you with the right tools to get you to  your goals. A health coach helps to plan meals, create workout plan, check in on your progress,  listen to your struggles,  celebrate your wins, and motivate  you when you need that extra push. We all can use a Coach or a Mentor. Writing this I'm thinking damn, I might just need a coach myself . Lol. Even coaches need to be coached and that a fact.

As a Holistic Heath Coach and someone who takes health very seriously  I work very closely with my clients to get them the best results possible. But even with coaching you MUST be ready to do the work. And I'll say it again, if you are not ready to make a lifestyle change than you are eating your time. In this case not even a coach can assist, the only thing that will help you in this case is changing your MINDSET. So what you should think about before setting any goals, or hiring a health coach is "How ready am I ?" Your answer will determine  your next move.



Quiting is easy , I know, and when sh*t gets hard that is the first thing we think of is to quit. But guess what? quitting is never an option and quitting doesn't fix the problem. But honestly, I don't  blame you or am I judging you because that's our brain is wire and we usually goes to default when we feel like there is no way out instead of pushing through the pain and try to figure it out. Bit if you are serious about smash your health goals, no matter how hard  it gets you can never quit.

You can stop , or pause,but you can never quit. Quitting does not yield results and if you are lie me whonis result oriented,  your only choice should be to stick it out. And I promise you if you stick ot out long enough  you will see gains in no time. That's if you are following all of the about rules on smashing your health goals. So,remember the option is never to quit but to find ways to work around the discomfort.


I know this blog is structured  around achieving health goals. But the above can be used to achieve  any goals. Remember  to be specific about your goals and set small day to day attainable goals. Ensure to check your progress. Keep a note of your gains and you lose and see what areas you cam improve to ensure you are reaching your goals

My KICKSTART Webinar for 2021 is I a few few weeks Sign up to learn more about Goal Setting and how to achieve your goals. You can join our community  for support and accountability. Book your  private coaching and Mentoring Session. Whatever you do just ensure you are taking care of your health and putting it first! Please share your thoughts in the comments I would love to hear from you. Send me an email with any concerns or Questions

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