STRONG BACK  Is a term used in Jamaica that is link to sexual performance. Here we associate the strength and performance of a male to  his "strong back" 

 When talking to our male compatriot in reference to sex , we often use terms like

"Yuh need to build up or strengthen your back"  

"Yuh back need to be stronger"  Hence the work "Strong Back".

There a many Jamaican herbs that is associated with the term STRONG BACK. But this particular herb is called STRONG BACK because it's known to strengthen the back.



Strong Back herb , scientifically called, CUPHEA PARSONSIA is a  Dark Green Leafy, bush like herb that is grown wildly in fields. 

For many generations strong back herbs has been used by both male and female to increase sexual arousal and performance. Strong is also used traditionally, to relieve back aches and pain.

The root of  the plant is considerated the most potent as it contains most of the nutrients in the plants, such as vitamins and minerals. 

Strong back herb is wildcrafted and harvested by pulling the whole plant from the earth, even it's root.



There are many ways to use strong back herb. Traditionally, here in Jamaica it is use to make tea or blend with other herbs like medina along with others herbs  to make Roots Tonic.

When using the herb to make tea, use 1 TBSP to one cup of water. Boil herb for at least five minutes, then seep for another 5 minutes to further release it's  properties. Drink as is or lightly sweeten with sweetner of your choice.

When combining the Strong Back with other herbs use 1/2 TBSP with every one cup of water.



Strong Back herbal tea may be consumed daily to bring relief from back aches while at the same time strengthen the back muscles. The tonic also serves to improve the body’s energy levels, build stamina and bring much needed relief from impotency.

Although the root is well known for its ability to improve the sexual performance in both sexes, there are a number of other ailments that Strong Back is used to combat.

These include muscle soreness, asthma, rheumatism and bronchitis.

Strong Back is also used to purge the blood and has been known to aid with the treatment of kidney and pulmonary problems.



Strong Back is an all around great herbs, that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.  Storng can be consume daily, however, do not consume for more than  14 days consecutive days. The saying, "Too much of one thing is good for nothing" is true.

If you consume too much then your body may develope a resistance to the herb and may no longer serves it's benefits.

There are no known over dose with taking natural herbs so take as much as you like, in moderation.




If you have any questions aboutour Jamaican Strong back herbs please contact us.