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Hello, My Beauties!


I hope you are having a beautiful time craving a life of abundance for yourself by creating the reality that you desire!

Things have a funny way of happening and I could choose to be upset right now or I could just spend another 30-60mins and rewrite the blog.

  I wrote this blog last evening and was putting the final touches on to post tomorrow- then an error click and I lost everything! Unbeknown to me the blog was not saved- losing my blog was the effect of not carefully securing my work and ensuring that it was saved!

Was I happy that I had to rewrite no!  Was I infuriated, absolutely!

no one wants to do the same work twice, especially with something like this. Now my blog will take on a completely new tone because right now I am in a different mental space., but the show must go on!

My take-away - BE MORE CAREFUL!!

Ok, so I was looking at all the devastations happening across the world and I had a very heavy heart. 2020 has deemed so far, to be a year of bad faith and disaster for many of us.

Take into account the breakout of the Coronavirus in China that has now spread to the United States and maybe other regions. The EARTHQUAKE that devastated Puerto Rico and the scare of a possible World War 3

And just when you thought things could not get any worse for the first month in  2020 the world now mourns the death of legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant

 Not only did Kobe lost his life at 41, in this awful Helicopter crash,  eight more victims, including his thirteen-year-old daughter, also perished in the aircraft when it crashed and burned. 

This is just terrible, losing a loved one is hard enough but losing two at the same time is incalculable. 

There were families on this aircraft not only his family but about three other families were traveling with him, who all lost their lives, leaving behind wife/husband and children who are now in mourning.

What can you do in a situation like this one? We need to draw closer to God because only his grace can carry these families and the rest of the world that is in mourning through this trying time.

 2020 has already started out to be a year on unpleasantry.

We cannot turn a blind eye to what's happening either. The Bible speaks on these happening and more and more it seems to me that this is the manifestation of the Book of Revelation.

Now is the time to seek out the kingdom of God. Now is the time to realize that you are more than just a physical being you are also a spiritual being, which is more greater than your physical self.

Now is the time to put God first in everything that you do.

Because what you should know is this- what is happening in the world may not be happening to you directly, but don't think for one second that you are not affected by it all.

Remember we are all connected, as much as we would like to separate ourselves from other humans inhabiting this planet, we are all connected and that's a fact!

We came from the same source, no matter your race, color or creed, we came from one source, which is GOD.

So don't believe you are any different from me and I am from you. For whatever vein or ignorant reason we like to segregate ourselves and act like we are invincible and

" No that could never happen to me" and 

"He's not from where I came him from so I don't know him."

It is time for us to abandon these ignorant and foolish thinking and look at the bigger picture.

The  Bible said that,  If you don't love your brother and said you love God you are lying to yourself.  And it's not talking about a blood brother- It's talking about a spiritual brother, so therefore you cannot Love God and hate people.

The scripture even went as far as stating that- If you can't love someone in the flesh that you are seeing- how can you say you love GOD that you have never seen? (1 JOHN)

We are no different from the man on the street begging for a piece of bread - the only difference might be is that you can afford to buy the bread.

We are no different from the people in China or  Puerto Rico or the folks in Iran. We are no different from the persons who have lost their lives- we are all human beings, spiritual brothers and sisters.

  So anywhere or how you can help please do!  Let your humanitarianism shine through.

If you can't help physically or financially help- send them a prayer it is just as good. It is disheartening what is happening in the world but we never question God's plan.

Remember a plan has been drafted for all our lives before we came into this physical world. Not all souls came to stay forever. So while we are sad and we missed our loved one we should never question God's plan for their lives and ours.

Always know that God is your comfort, your provider and your healer, put Him first and seek him out in a time of need.

Use what is happening in the world as a crane to move you from a point of having no voice and dormancy to a place of value, purpose, and ACTION!  My heart is not so heavy anymore- I prayed, meditated and read my bible so I am I good spirits and the tone of this blog vs the one that I accidentally delete was very similar. So that reeks Happiness! 



Remember Lifers, to not take anything for granted- Life is so fragile and unsure, So with knowing this FACT

My question to you  is

"What are you doing with your life?" 

"What impact are you making in this world?" 

"Are you living a life of purpose or one of regret"?

 LIfe is doesn't comes with security and tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 

None of us are invincible or immortal, well not in the flesh that is.

Not that you should walk around waiting for the worst to happen but you must not forget who you are in the spirit.

You  MUST know that while the flesh can be dissolved and perished - Your spirit/soul lives on for eternity.

Enjoy life -smile every chance you get- show love to everyone you meet- be kind to yourself and others and allow God's love to shine through you! 

That's the message I will leave you with today!

I love you all!! 

Have a Creative Day!



LIfe Creator/Lightworker



























Is There a Difference between Wellness and Health?


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Hello, again my beautiful Lifers!

  Today is Sunday, January 19th  and this post should have been written since yesterday  Saturday, January 18th. As you know it  I write blogs on a Saturday,


I wasn't feeling up to it yesterday, I was feeling very tired and just wanted a break from work, (I work seven days per week, yes I do).

  So in honoring that feeling of tiredness and wanting a break,  I decided that I  was going to the park and I was just going to relax! It was kind of a do-nothing-day!

So I packed the kids up, hopped in the car and headed to the park Hope Botanical Garden where my daughter and I just layout on our blankets and talked,  while the boys played ball.

A much-needed act of wellness and I felt wonderful afterward, still not recouped 100% but the fact that I took some time away from work to exhibit self-care, that is wellness 101.  Being able to acknowledge when you need a break and act on it, is a loving act of wellness and preservation that your body will thank you for later!

On the subject of wellness and health, I  thought this was important to point out. I sense that something was off and  I took the initiative to take care of my health- that action is called wellness.

Remember, I posted a blog about wellness a few weeks ago,  where I stated that wellness was an action-right?

So wellness is an action that we take to improve our health or well-being. So whatever it is that you do that will improve your state of being that action is called Wellness.

I like to say the health falls under the umbrella of wellness - because without taking measures to gain wellness- your health will deteriorate.  so we must ensure that we are creating wellness to improve our health and health in all aspects of being.


What is wellness?

As I said, wellness is an action that we take to achieve our health goals. So it can be anything from daily activities, like, walking running, proper rest, proper diet, eating on time,  taking a much-needed vacation, etc. To simply getting your nails or hair done.  Anything that involves SELF- CARE will equate to Wellness.

When we talk about wellness we are speaking of attunement to self- we must be mindful of the red flags waving at us, telling us that we need a break (like me on Saturday) or something isn't right, before it becomes and health issue.

There are Five Fundamentals of Wellness That a  broke down in a previous post. These Five areas of wellness are Physical, Emotional, Mental, social/financial and Spiritual state of being.

Since we know what to fundamentals of wellness are how can we ensure that we are doing the right things to create balance in these areas?

My number one go-to tip is awareness! 

Pay attention to what your body is telling you don't turn a blind eye to the signs and signals that your body is waving at you.

Secondly, Get Active!  
There is no better way the create wellness than being active. There are many ways that you can make yourself active outside of your 9-5 work/job.

and I don't want to ear "I DON"T HAVE TIME"  You have 24hrs in a day and they are all yours! you decide how you are going to use them.

So, You can:

  • Join a social club
  • Start a workout routine ( walk, jog, run, yoga, pilates, Zumba, weight lifting, swimming cycling)
  •  Participate in social activities, like hanging out with friends, or being active in your church or school 
  • volunteer of a shelter or children's home
  •  Go hiking or rock climbing (if you are into that kind of things
  •  Go to the beach 
  • Go outside for a walk
  • Read a  book
  • Go to the salon or the Spa

There are endless things that you can do to stay active, so there is no reason why you shouldn't make wellness a priority.


Choosing a  proper diet is also an act of wellness. 

What you eat and how you eat says a lot about how you feel about yourself. If you feel good about yourself, you will ensure that you are making healthier choices.

But let us keep in mind that since inception we had no say in what we eat-I understand that many of us eat what our family eats and that's Ok. Many of us are cultural eaters as well. another subject that I discussed profoundly in my book IT IS TIME.

I agree that all this is true, however, as we grew older and become more aware we have more choices, correct? and not only do we have more choices we have better reasoning and understanding, and I hope discernment as well and can tell the difference between right or wrong.

I like to use this analogy, if you know the gas that you are putting in your car is bad and will damage the engine, will you still put that bad gas in the car? I am sure the answer is no!  so why can't it be the same when it comes to choosing the proper food? What you are telling me you value your car more than your health, more than your life? This is something that you all have to think about! There are far too many media out there on food as a wellness routine that we are still turning a blind eye.

I took my health into my own hand in 2018 when I decided to become a vegan. Removing all animal products from my diet was one of the best things I ever did for myself and my health and my well-being. Many of us talk about losing weight but do you want to lose weight or be healthy? another thing to think about.

But say you want both, you can have both It is a choice that you MUSt make and some sacrifices that go with it! With is your COST? 

 What PRICE are you willing to pay? Another thing to think about!

What I  will assure you that if you want to lose weight in a healthy fashion, no weight loss Tea that you will drink will give you the result as not eating animal products will give you, especially meat!  

So the choice is yours....what's your price?


What is health?


What is health? A profound question- Do we really know what health or having good health encapsulate?

many of us when we speak of health- we are making reference to not being sick or not gone to the doctor's office in a while.

But is for more significant than that. There are stages we go before we get to that phase of being sick, hence why wellness is extremely important.

So health is our overall state of being which falls under the FIVE FUNDAMENTAL OF WELLNESS. 

Health isn't just physical, it is also mental, emotional, spiritual, social/financial. A healthy lifestyle is something that we should aim to acquire.

If our health is not good then we will not be good and we will not be able to perform at our optimal to drive to the success we desire.

So health starts with Wellness, therefore, whatever we do wellness should be at the pinnacle. we should always be thinking about our health and what measure of wellness can we perform to improve our health or to keep it balance. We can never be too healthy or have too good well-being. We MUST always thrive to have good health and don't wait until the flag is at its last wave. With our health, we MUST be Proactive and not Reactive

So health is the byproduct of wellness, I hope i am correct by saying this :) but that's my description of health and wellness base on my understanding and knowledge of what health and wellness.



With this breakdown of the difference between health and wellness, I hope now we can separate the two knowing the difference.

I also hope that you are now equipped to make better wellness choices- be aware, get active and be mindful of what you eat.

By knowing we can make a difference. Without knowing than there is not much power that you have to choose. Knowledge is power,

don't be an abuser of the power, but a user that will affect change.


What act of wellness will you take today?


Have a Creative Day!



Life Creator/Lightworker













Hello, my beautiful Lifers,

I want to wish you all a fantastic 2020, one with lots of creating goodness and abundance.

We are in the first month of the year and sometimes things can be a drag, especially coming off the holidays and trying to find or rebuild that winning momentum can be such a struggle.

The struggle is real and it is a juggle out here,  I know! Staying motivated is difficult because it's just not possible to be motivated and in good spirits all the time.

That is a universal law!

But being a Life Creator, we know that we create our own reality- so we can turn things around in our favor at any time.

Today we look at how to find motivation when we just feel like giving up!

As we speak I am going through that struggle-today is just not the day when I am feeling motivated and want to just take over the world. 

Especially after waking up at 5 am and running a 5k at 6 am. I am just not in the mood to do anything.

 So finding the courage to get up and start this blog was the least bit easy for me.

But guess what, sometimes when don't feel like doing but know we MUST do, We just sweep those feelings of demotivation under the rug and do what we MUST do.

However, it Was NOT  to get myself to sit around my desk with my laptop in front of me and start writing, it took some amount of willpower and force.

I write blogs on Saturday to post on Tuesday (part of organizing  and creating good habits, both in my personal and work life)

So, when the thought came to me about pushing back the writing until the next day I  said NO! I MUST  GET IT  DONE TODAY!

I knew that if I had listened to that Mosquito in my ear telling me that I have time to write, (because the blog doesn't go out until Tuesday), not only would my entire schedule for the week being pushed back- but that mosquito would have been happy because I ACCEPT the buzzing as music to my ear instead of total annoyance and distraction. This Mosquito I speak about very vividly in my book IT IS TIME.



Like I said in my earlier text the imbalance is caused by the Law of Polarity good and bad, high and low, yin and yang, hot and cold, motivated and demotivated, you get! They all need each other, that's just how life works!

In life, nothing stays constant there are always changes in the cycle and being that we are all connected and interconnected to everything in creation this change or imbalance affects us as well. 

So, when we are experiencing a "LOW:" as LIfe Creators, it is our duty to recognize it, understand it and change it.

We never want to resist it,  but we MUST create the reality that we want by choosing our course of action.

So when you become demotivated to win the struggle you must ACT.  When we take action we create- we create the reality that is favorable to us. When we don't take action we are still creating- but unfavorable results. 

So the win the struggle and become motivated  TAKING ACTION is a major key! 

Without action, we drive ourselves further into depression or the feeling of demotivation- the best way to silence that MOSQUITO is by taking meaningful action.

 There are many other ways how to find motivation, like playing music, dancing, etc, but in this blog, I want to zoom in on taking action and pushing through that feeling of not wanting to do a thing and do it anyways- because this is far more valuable than anything listening to music or dance!

If you want to be motivated and stay- I motivated you MUST act! - I cannot say it enough times!

Nothing happens unless we act- stagnation comes from non-action. Ever wonder why you feel stagnant like you are stuck and everything around you is going in slow motion? The answer is simple, there is some level of demotivation and if you are acting you are not taking the correct actions to move you from point A to point B, hence why you feel stuck! sure you are stuck, stuck doing the same things and expect a different result.

So motivation helps to analyze our situation and make changes where necessary so we can un-stuck ourselves. While been motivated 24/7 is a task by itself we MUST be aware of the actions that we are taking. Good action means less frequency of demotivation and good actions are actions that we take to move us from one point to the next. 



Like  I said, earlier, your actions must move you from stagnation and demotivation- it MUST move you from point A-B, if that's not happening then you need to make some swift changes and adjustments.

 Life is all about progression and if you are not progressing because you lack motivation-then its  "OPERATION FIND THAT MOTIVATION" 

If you are not intrinsically motivated- it is ok to look externally, to a friend, spouse, music, etc to find that motivation to move you from stagnation to elevation

Not all of us a self-motivated, sometimes we need that extra push or drive to get us to start taking  VALUABLE  ACTIONS!

Demotivation is comparable to a stalled car- A car that needs a little boost. Maybe the battery died, or the starter is malfunctioning, or worse the engine just flat out stops working. Whatever it is we need to "jumpstart that car and get it to start moving again. So motivation is like a workable moving car-everything might not be functioning at its "optimal" because you might need front end parts, But it's moving -it is not stalled so progression can be made moving you from point A-B.


Like always, I hope this and all my other blogs are helpful- in motivating you to take action so you can activate your potential and start creating a life of abundance!


Have a Creative Day!


Life Creator/LIghtworker