From Depression to Elevation

With over 15 years of carving out a lifestyle of wellness & with two budding & blooming years of spiritual awakening/consciousness, with this extensive background in living a healthy lifestyle and my growing experience in awakening of the spirit, I have developed the much-needed skills and expertise to teach, motivate, guide & inspire many to live a life of wellness and spirituality, so that you can tap into your potential & dive into the ocean of unlimited abundance!

 When I speak of abundance, this is no direct reference to money or physical gains. This abundance is a spiritual abundance, which when mastered & fully acquired will bring you the manifestation of all the physical-material things you require, such as,

  • Money
  • Love
  •  Healthy relationships
  • Work-life balance
  • Happiness
  • Purpose
  • Peace of mind
  • Prosperity and much more!

 You will uncover boundless potential that was untouched because you were focused on the physical aspect of life instead of reconnecting to your soul- your higher being-your true self!

What we Must understand is that  there is no good manifestation that comes  from the physical body, only negative-low vibrational energy is manifested through the physical body & that is why we get:

  • Stressed
  • Depressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Anxious
  • Panic
  • Fearful
  • worried
  • Demotivated
  • Energy drained
  • Unproductive & Unsuccessful.......


  My journey through Depression 

I know this first- hand because for most of life I was at this low vibrational point and experiencing all of the above.

I can remember as early as six or seven years old- suffering from depression.

  •  Crying constantly
  •  Feeling unloved,
  • feeling like no one cared
  • Feeling like a loner
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Feeling like life had no meaning.........

At that very tender age of six or seven, I had no idea what I was experiencing and it didn't go away. This feeling of "NOTHINGNESS"  transitioned into my adulthood and worsened.

  I moved from just being depressed to anxiety attacks and then panic attacks and of course, seclusion and fear of venturing outside of the four corners that I habitat.

Many close to me had no idea that I was suffering, after so many years of living this rollercoaster of a life, I learned to master the art of "SUPPRESSION" which created resistance and only made things worse! (The universal law of Cause & Effect/Law of Attraction)

I never took prescription drugs, however, I  went to see a psychologist once in my twenties and that was it!

 Based on that visit and our conversation I knew, if I was going heal and overcome this state of depression- I  had to take COMPLETE CONTROL of my life- for my own well-being and sanity!

This realization leads to me researching, digging deep into pages and pages of information on the internet. I did find some interesting stuff and experimented with much, however, I was still depressed, lost & even more confused.

So, I started soul-searching, I started looking within-that was when I had my  "SPIRITUAL AWAKENING  the revive and rebirth of my spirit!

I was spiritually dead for most of my life, (if not all of my life, until I was 35 years)

I had no drive or direction, yes, I was doing all the physical things that I felt I should be doing like, having a job, raising a family, busting my a$$ to accumulate & grow my finances, sporadically hanging out with friends, etc. Only to fall deeper & deeper into depression, I literally felt like the "WHEEL ON THE BUS" going round and round in circles.

SO, when I had my "SPIRITUAL AWAKENING" I was more than ready for it and to get off the darn bus..lol


My Awakening

 I didn't know much about what was unfolding in my life, all I knew was that it felt good and I also knew that a BIG CHANGE WAS COMING!

The best way I described this experience was like having an epiphany. Because that was exactly what happened. My entire world- the life that I knew and lived on this earth, then, was unfolding right in front of my eyes- and I was never more happy and ready!

This Awareness of SELF, GOD & the UNIVERSE catapulted my life to a  whole new dimension- I never knew existed.

 During this transition, my "PURPOSE" was resurrected (which is humanitarianism) and now I am in glee doing what I was put on this earth to do.

 It has been two wonderful mind-blowing years since I  transitioned and I am depression FREE! (Thank GOD)


I am elected about what's to come and the best part is- I am not on my own this time. I have a community of wonderful human-beings that I am riding with and who is riding with me.




I will not kid you and tell you that there is any-one-perfect way to a life of abundance or achieving success, It is Trail and Error, Observing, Learning Taking action and doing it all over again!





Resurrection of Purpose (Trusting the process)

So, with my resurrected "PURPOSE" and the experiences and knowledge that have garnered and the skills that I have honed over the past years and my undying love for humanity, I have created  "LIfe Creators"  with the sole purpose of helping others to find their purpose through improving their wellness & awakening/resurrecting their spirit.

I am super passionate about this process of healing and manifestation because it has changed my life from darkness to light and now I shining brighter than a diamond .:)

I am not selling a "QUICK FIX" or a "GET RICH  FAST SCHEME"  just like anything else this is WORK!

It is constant practice and acknowledgment of self, GOD & the universe & knowing and understanding the principles that govern our existence.  

some of us can connect with ease while others will just fall apart!

These are skills that I have honed & mastered- and  I will teach you and guide you on how to master your own skills- to manifest the life you dreamt of living!

I created Life Creators so that I can reach, teach, guide, inspire and motivate masses to TAP into their GOD-GIVEN potentials and start living and walking in purpose and abundance. 



I know you are ready to resurrect your purpose and tap into the sea of abundance. I often say to myself "I wish when I was experiencing the depression phase that I had someone that has to knowledge and experience that I have now- that could've helped me through my suffering. I suffered because I wanted a way out but I did not have the KNOW-HOW at the time. I didn't know how to rely on my own strength, I didn't know I was more powerful than what I gave myself credit. I didn't know that I am a Life Creator-that I created my own reality. But guess what? you don't have to travel the same road I did- you have me and that's why I created this community to offer support to others just like me who are seeking to improve their lives but need guidance.

See you next time- I don't know what the topic will be on, however, I'll see you!




Life Creator/Lightworker



Meditation is one of the most important tools or practices that can be successfully used as a wellness starter or enhancer and as a spiritual connector. Many of us see mediation as just a simple practice of sitting in a lotus position and simply try to “stop of thoughts” or “turn of our minds” however this is so far removed from any truth about meditation. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of things, let me first say that our conception as to what meditation is and the practice of meditation is actually a “misconception.”


Misconception about meditation


Before I started on my spiritual journey, I too used to believe that meditation was nothing more than sitting in a lotus position and try to turn off my never-ending river of negative thoughts, which I was never able to successfully accomplish because my thoughts would never comply or cooperate. Not until I learn the true essence of what meditation is, how to practice meditation and what are the benefits of meditation, was I able to relax the mind, body, and spirit and truly embodied the practice and benefits of a meditation session.

Now, as to the popular belief that meditation can only be done sitting in a lotus position and listening to calming sounds played by a Steinway piano and being monk-like, that’s just another misconception that we developed along the way. Meditation can be done effectively in any sitting, standing, or lying position. You can sit on a chair or the ground. You stand or you can lay in bed or anywhere as a matter of fact. As long as you are relaxed and grounded, meditation can successfully happen in any of these positions. The more seasoned you become in your meditation practices, the less you will need to listen to music to relax, eventually, you will get to a point where you can meditate without the help of the Steinway piano or any sounds to that matter.

Now let us talk about turning off the mind or thoughts ( because this is something I hear all the times)

“I can’t meditate because I can’t get my mind to stop” or “I can’t meditate because I can’t seem to turn off my thoughts”

Meditation is not about stopping or turning off the mind or thoughts, meditation is the simple act of allowing the body to relax while allowing your thoughts to flow freely without any interruption, judgment or evaluation.

Meditation is connecting or reconnecting to the spirit and disconnecting from the physical body. So when you are mediating do not worry about turning off your mind or stopping your thoughts, just relax and enjoy the moment.

Nonetheless, the more you meditate is the easier it is to relax your body and calm your mind. When I just started practicing meditation I used to take almost FIFIFTEEN  minutes to relax into the meditation, however, the more I practice the less time it took me to relax both the body and the mind.

It was a MUST in my initial practices to listen to music while I meditate but now I can meditate without the use of any form of relaxing music and I can fall into deep meditation in just a few minutes. This all comes down to practice and how often you meditate.

Types of meditations

There are many different types of meditation or ways to meditate. overtime we have come up with our own version/s of meditation, however,they all have similar benefits. The way you choose to meditate and whatever type of meditation you choose to practice is OK. as long as the above-mentioned is been achieved in your meditation practices. Some people choose their practicing style base on what they want to achieve, some may want o work on breathing so the practice Pranyanna, some may want to work on focus or concentration so they practice Zazen, other might want to release some build up negative energy and attract good positive energy so they settle for kundalini, like I said it doesn’t matter what type of meditation you choose the practice is centered around the same method and the results are usually the same. Some people even opt for guided meditation, again base on what they are seeking to achieve from their practice.


The importance of meditation

The deeper I get in my (spiritual work) the more I realize the importance of meditation, not only to my spirituality but to my well-being as well.

Meditation is a catalyst for my spiritual work. This practice of meditation was what I first used to awaken my internal energy (chakra) along with yoga. The practice of yoga is extremely helpful to growth in both areas, but I will leave the details of yoga for my next blog.

When you meditate you are actually making a direct connection with the source (GOD, UNIVERSE) through the connection of one’s spirit. Let me break that down, when you meditate you should disconnect from the physical body, world, etc. and connect/reconnect to your spiritual body, your higher self which is non-physical.

During this process, you then make a connection with the source! Because you can only connect with the source through the spirit.

In the scriptures, it tells you that- but his delight is in the law is, and the law is that he meditates day and night. So, the divine law is that we should meditate day and night to be delighted, to be fulfilled, to connect to the spirit and source. It further stated that he shall be still like a tree that is planted by the rivers of still water, which brings forth its fruits in its season. So when you meditate you are strengthing your spiritual connection with GOD, source and the universe.

At this moment, right now, I am on a seven day fast, which I started a day ago. I choose to fast to grow in my spiritual work, while on this fasting, I am meditating, reading my bible and praying, so in everything, I do meditation is always an option. It is one of the first things I do when I wake up and one of the last things I do before bed. By the way, I am documenting my fasting experience so I will write a blog and post video of that.

Many of us hear of or even try to meditate but we do not know how deep this practice is.

There are so many great things that can be gained spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally (wellness) there are all (fundamentals of wellness link) so when we meditate we are actually taking care of our well-being.


Meditate is important to all aspects of our lives, just as water is vital to our survival and the survival of all living things, mediation in all its glory is just as vital. Ten minutes a day practicing meditation can make a huge difference in your life. So out of your 365 days, you are using 3650 mins which is less than 3 days out of your 365days for the year. So, a practice that can be down only for 3days out of the year can bring you so much benefit to your health, wellness, spirituality and so much more benefits. Why are we not meditating again? I would suggest you start meditating right now! If you have trouble concentrating try a practice for concentration or use calming/relaxing music, I find that this helps a lot because it gives you something else to focus on you can also focus on your breathing and each time you drift off into thoughts just slowly bring it back to your focus. If you try meditating before and you still having trouble relaxing, Book a session with me and I am more happy to help you figure out what is holding you back and set you on a path where you can successfully practice your mediation and reap all the benefits that I have been reaping and so many others across our universe.

Thank you all so much for reading, please with others so we can spread the word about how beneficial and wonderful meditation is.

The carnal man and the spiritual.


   Hello my beautiful Lifers, welcome once again to Life Creators Blogspot where we aim to, educate,elevate, and changes life, through the information shared here and the manifestation of your own reality.
Now, today's teaching is on the two men that GOD created us to be and as such we entered this world. These two men are the carnal man and the spiritual man. The bible profoundly speak of these two men, in Genesis when GOD created the heaven,the earth, and all its fernaments, he created two men one man he created out of dust and the other of light, these two men are separate but not separate, meaning both men are you. The man-made dust is the carnal man, the physical man, the flesh. The man of light is your spirit and your soul.
The carnal man, the man-made is made out of dust that can be blown away like leaves in the wind or dust carried away by wind. However, the man if light your spirit, liveth forever.

Before, my awakening I knew nothing of this. I was never fully conformed to the either of a materialistic world, deep down in my core I knew  there was more to life, there has to be. Remember we came into this world BLANK with nothing, no house, no car, no job, no clothes, no shoes, no brand new, anything. we were like clean canvas ready to be painted on. However, because the world as we know it is ideally a material world, our natural form became one of material.

No one will teach us how to find our way back to light, we came into this world by free will so it is our responsible  to escape  the world of darkness and reconnect with the light.
It is man's only purpose to overcome the temptations to subject to the  carnal material man and find it's way back to our  souls, our everlasting light.
The bible tells us in Romans that the carnal man cannot be a spiritual man. That means if you are of the world and have the love for materials and if you are not living by his words and carrying out his work the spirit of GOD doesn't reside in you. Because you cannot love the world and GOD at the same. He said is James that if you are a hearer of the word and not a doer then you are dead. This means if you know the word of GOD and ignore it then your spirit or soul is lost. Because the carnal man CANNOT be a man of the spirit. This does not mean you need a religion or a church. This simply means you must know the ways of the Lord and follow them, live your life according to his words not the words of man. He said all laws we must follow because all laws apply to every man. And I not speak of man-made laws (which can be broken) I speak of laws of GOD which no man can break. The scripture said that you cannot say that you will not commit adultery but kill a man. All laws apply to all men and must be kept.

So the carnal man is the way of the world it is all things physical or material the carnal man is the man that is living by that 10% of his brain and not realizing that he is more powerful than all things he has seen and only who has the power to break the curse of the material man and reconnect with his light. The spiritual man sees no death but the carnal can vanish away like smoke in thin air.
How do we relinquish the power of the carnal and allow the spirit that which we are to take dominance over our lives?

Man is always being tested by temptation, but it is in our will to not be led by the power of the flesh. Nothing good comes from the flesh- only we must control our urge to lust.
Remember earlier I spoke about that 10% of our brain? in the bible when GOD spoke if tithes this is what he meant giving up that 10% of our brain which is our carnal self. The next 90% of our brain is the spirit man, non- physical so when you give that tithe to GOD, he will then reward you with the other ninety percent  which is your higher being. Have you ever wondered why we have a whole brain and can only access  ten percent? GOD made no mistake when he was creating man it was all a part of GOD'S PLAN now it is the work of man to not covet the world and remember the covenant he made with GOD before he came into the flesh so that GOD can now reward him with the gift of abundance. In the scripture it says that the carnal man cannot be a spiritual man and the body without a spirit is dead. So this means that if a man coveted the world and fornicate against the words of GOD then that man is alive only in the flesh but not in spirit.
When we grow our GOD-LIKE CONSCIOUSNESS we will remember and know exactly who we are, our powers, our strength, and our purpose. Until we know the material world no more, we are like a shaft that the wind bloweth.

My beautiful LIFERS, there is no SALVATION in the flesh, but only in the word and work of the lord. When GOD speaks of work in the Bible he not speaking about physical work he speaking of spiritual work, because he knows that all is filled in the spirit than manifested through our physical lives. So, in order for man to live a life of abundance he MUST perform his spiritual duties. Throughout all my studies of the Bible, and the divine laws everything leads back to these two men, the natural man is which the carnal man, which is the man of flesh and materials and the spiritual man which is the man of the spirit, which is the man of light, which is the man of abundance. All the teachings of the bible is on how to find our way back to our spirit, so my friend I would suggest reading your bible, but I will say this, as state in revelation " let those who have the ear to hear, hear" so if you are shut off from your spirit and his operating from just the carnal man, you are also shut off from the word of GOD, so you will not have the ear to hear.
Although, it is GOD'S doing when he created a man of flesh and a man of spirit it is also GOD'S for all man to find his way back to the spirit so he Can be fulfilled.



GOD is  a loving GOd, of oneness, peace, tranquility, abundance, acceptance, enlightenment, joy, happiness, and neutrality.  It is never GOD'S plan for us to suffer, but to live a life of abundance, but only through the spirit. The spirit is one of, no fear or worry. GOD said in the scripture I give you the spirit not of fear, but of power and a sound mind. he also said that there is no wavering in faith. So, if you believe in his words undoubtedly and acknowledge  your powers, he will reward you with miracles that you never knew existed.. 
I say this many times in my videos and my Blogs  because this is my life and my journey. But when I speak of the Bible I am speaking of principles, I am speaking of the truth, I do not hold a religious stance.  So please, never confuse my teachings and my use of the scriptures as religion. Yes, I "religiously"  live by his words,  and the principles outlined in the Holy Book, However, I HAVE NO AFFILIATION TO RELIGION. Some may asked "How can you be spiritual and not religious"  and my answer to that is 'the same as how GOD loves us even though we sin"

I will speak more clearly on religion in another post, but for now, do the work necessary to "kill" the carnal  man so you can resurrect as the man of truth and light -the spiritual man.

As usual, Have  Creative day! peace and love to all humanity.

 Joelee ( Life Creator/Lightworker)


References the King James Bible and my own life experiences.