Hello, once again my beautiful Lifers!

It has been a long day, my son is on holiday from school today and I didn’t have to leave the house to drop anyone to school- so I just jumped right into work- which has thrown me challenges after challenges, that I refuted. One thing I know about myself is that I have grown exponentially in the past few years.

I am SO proud of this phenomenal woman/person that I have become and still becoming and with this expansion, I acknowledged my purpose and now I am overwhelmingly enjoying touching and changing lives- how awesome is that when you realized and accepted your purpose and now walking in your truth.

Today I want to just humanize myself through this post- I want to level-up and keep it real with you. 

I have run away from who I am for so long, to be exact Thirty-Five  years, because of fear. I was extremely fearful to throw myself into the gauntlet because I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be- or maybe I was just afraid that the outcome would be me walking out of the gauntlet a winner. I was so scared of my own success- in ways that I would “dumb- down" myself down so that I wouldn’t stand out to anyone, also I didn’t want to be judged by anyone, I wanted to please everyone except me. I wanted others to be liked and accepted, so I played right into their own fears and insecurities of themselves.

Talking about myself was something that used to just threw into an instant panic, I never talked about myself especially not my successes, how dear me? I could hear all the bad things everyone was saying about me before I even utter a word, which scared the living hell out of me, so I would just fall back. No one knew the intelligence that runs deep within because I never show it- I NEVER SPEAK!

I remember one time I was throwing a birthday party and I had to go on TV to promote this party, I was in my early to mid-twenties at that time, still very timid I can remember, very vividly how intense I was- I was freaking out. Anyways, it was now my time to be interviewed, OMG!!! By this time I was completely shaking in my boots, I was terrified- I stumbled on a few words but thank GOD I made it throw that interview and I didn’t run off stage in panic. Fast-forward years later, look at me now! Boldly living my life purposefully- unapologetic accepted who I am and not caring what anyone else thinks of me- growing in my spirituality and working on improving myself daily.

I know I am speaking to somebody today- I know you have gone through the same things and I am just here to let you know that “there is light at the end of the tunnel’ Never stop working on you and become the person that you see yourself to be. As humans, we never stop growing and learning not until we are dead- so it is our human nature to seek knowledge and keep expanding in all areas of our lives.

Regaining your voice

To overcome any fear- we must face that fear head-on- we Must hold that fear by the neck and show it who is BOSS!!! Many successful speakers, some of which you may admire when you listen to their stories, their stories are no different from yours and that’s why you can relate!

The only difference is- they held fear by the neck and shew it who is BOSS! They had a vision for their life lives that fear couldn’t stop!

Listen we all have our demons and our challenges and struggles to face up to- theseare some of the things that i spoke on in my book IT IS TIME

“never let your chance to show your greatness slid away because you are afraid” step out like the powerful being that you are and show them what you are made of.

Don’t allow others to impart their fear on you that you limit yourself only to match their fear.

Use your voice in ways that it will not only be beneficial to you but to humanity- don’t let anyone tell you that you talk too much or you are acting like such-because they are afraid to be themselves.

Don’t let anyone shush you to keep quiet! you know what is true we think that when we speak up for ourselves that we might offend someone and that someone will revolt us. But in truth when we speak up even if we offend someone-in the end you gained respect from many, even from that you offended.

So never hold back from yourself – thinking about how others might feel.

“You cannot control anyone’s reaction to your action” so take your action - let them deal their own feels.

Let them judge you- let them talk about you- because in the end what does it really do to you?

Think about it- it doesn’t change who you are, it doesn’t physically harm you-might bruise your ego a bit- but phew!


“What is a man’s ego if a man is willing to give up themselves to protect their ego”


My Grandmother used to say-

“ it doesn’t matter what you do they are going to talk, so give them something to talk about”


So, that is the message I want to end with- GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT!




When you allow anyone or anything to define you- that’s you relinquishing your GOD-GIVEN powers to that person or thing. Never allow anyone to tell you who you are- you know exactly who you are- because you were that person before you came into this world.

Reconnect with yourself and find your voice and walking in and talking with purpose and ascertain because you know exactly who you are. When others try to downplay you for being yourself and tell you-you are a showoff- tell them they are cowards. They are cowards because they are afraid to be themselves. They allow fear and others to define them.

No one can tell you who you are because them-themselves don’t know who they are.

Find your Voice speak up!- be brave be bold be authenticly you!

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Joelee ( lIfe Creator/Lightworker)

The 5 Fundamentals of wellness


Hello Lifers, I hope you are in the best of health and reaching your wellness goals to finish off 2019 with a bang! Today, in this blog I want to expound upon my last blog about wellness and the five fundamentals which are your well-being. So, let’s take a quick glance at our last post. Remember in our last post on wellness I said that there are Five Fundamentals to having complete wellness/well-being? These Five components are ;

  • Our Mental or Psychological well-being
  • Our Physical well-being
  • Our Emotional well-being
  • Our social well-being 
  • Our Spiritual well-being

Because I barely touched the surface in my last post, today I want to go in-depth and look at these Five fundamentals of wellness with a microscope, So, you can understand these five fundamentals and how they affect your life. However, before I do I want to examine how wellness/well-being affects your performance levels.


How wellness affects your performance/productivity levels


Having a good grip on your overall well-being/wellness will positively impact your life in many good ways. And on the other spectrum not having a good grip on your well-being will negatively affect your life and your overall performance. Hence, you must make sure that all times you are aware of how you are feeling and how you are performing. For you to know whether you are performing at an all-time low or whether you are performing at your optimal abilities, you must take heed to know your limits. Not everyone’s mechanism is not the same, hence, each person's ability to perform a similar task is different. One person’s highest performance level can be the next person’s lowest performance level and visa versa, therefore. you must take heed to measure your own personal gains. Wellness/ well-being does affect how we perform a task, therefore paying keen attention to our overall wellness will improve many areas in our lives.

Using the S.M.A.R.T rule will help you with your progression. The S.M.A.R.T rule can be used for any area of your life where you want to results. This smart rule is what I like to call a “Personal Goal Tracker” when you “play by the rule” you can effectively track your performance and see whether you need to make adjustments to set goals.

The acronym S.M.A.R.T means;

  • Specific (be specific with your wellness goals)
  • Measurable (when you set your wellness goals you must be able to measure your success)
  • Achievable (wellness goals must be achievable, you can not set personal goals base on someone else’s level of performance.This is what is said by “staying within your limits”)
  • Realistic ( All your wellness goal must be realistic to your level of performance)
  • Time-bound ( Set a time when you want to complete this goal/s)

The Five Fundamentals of wellness

Now, you have set your goals and working to attaining them. You know your limits and are working within them. You also know that working smart will give you the best results, so now let us look at how setting goals, working smart and knowing your limits improve your five fundamentals of wellness.

Now let’s put these Five fundamentals under a microscope and see what they are all about.

The First Fundamental of wellness is your Mental or Psychological Well-being

Mental well-being is super important to our entire well-being. We use our mental abilities to do much of everything. Everything we do first starts in our mind so if you are not taking care of this very important part of yourself, then everything around you will crumble including your health.

Our Mental Wellness is super imperative to our productivity and overall success. If we are not at our optimal mental wellness, we tend to be unbalanced in many ways. Since Mentalism is one of the universal laws (link to post) we must be keenly aware of how we take care of our mental well-being.

The Second Fundamental of wellness is your Physical Well-being

Just as our mental wellness our physical wellness is super important to our overall performance. If we are not physically up to par then we will be limited to what we can do physically. Eating the right food and exercising are two ways to ensure that we stay on top of physical well-being. Foods MUST be nourishing to our bodies to promote our highest physical performance and that is why I support a plant-based diet. Both cardio and resistant training are needed to improve your physical wellness and improve physical strength. Cardio is good to boost physiology such as, heart rate, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, while resistant training builds muscles in strength and size So, I like to say that Running, walking or jogging takes care of your interior while weight lifting takes care of your exterior and we want to look good and feel good, that’s why both Cardio and resistant training you good for our well-being.

The third Fundamental of wellness is our Emotional well-being

Emotional life can be a roll-coaster, personally speaking, I am challenged to keep my emotions intact so I know this one can be extremely difficult, especially if you are naturally an emotional person. I find that whenever I am over-worked or not nourishing properly my emotional state gets very shaky. Hence, I have to ensure that I am taking care of my physical well-being to improve my emotional well-being. Rest is also another way to balance and improve your emotional well-being. We must ensure that we are listening to our bodies and we are in tune with the signals, our bodies are showing us. We cannot ignore the telltale signs and run ourselves in an emotional wreck, we must be vigilant at all times and take action to improve our emotional state of being.

Just as food and exercise are good for our physical wellness it is equally as, to our emotional well-being. So I can not stress more the importance of eating nourishing food( plant-based diet) and exercising. Also, I want to clear up one misconception with regard to exercising. Many of us are misled into believing that we must be a member of a gym to start a workout regime. I am here to tell you that you DO NOT need a membership to start taking care of your health. You can start working out around the house with whatever resources you have available. You can go for a run or walk around the block or down the street. At this point I do not have a gym membership, however, I do not use that as an excuse to be inactive. I use stones for my weight when I want to resistant training and for cardio, I go for 30-45mins run around the block, so you have no excuse to not making yourself active and start taking care of your well-being.

The Fourth Fundamental of wellness is our Social Well-being

when we speak of social well-being we are referring to our financial and social capabilities. How we socialize is imperative to our wellness, our finances affect how we socialize, however, we want to ensure that whatever social interaction we are having is good for our well-being and we are not over-extending to ‘Keep up with the Joneses” or the Kardashians-Jenners clang.

We do not want to spend our energy trying to impress anyone we want to ensure that whatever we do is not damaging to us, for instance if you are not a typical smoker or drinker don’t go to clubs and hang around people who do, because before you know it you become a “social Drinker or Smoker” So don’t try to fit into a crowd you have no business with.

There are many healthy ways to enjoy a social lifestyle while ensuring that you are taking care of your well-being. Many of us cause undue stress on yourself trying to impress people we have no business impressing, the only person you Must aim to impress is GOD because he is the supplier to all you need.

The Fifth Fundamental of wellness is our Spiritual Well-being

Your Spiritual well-being takes care of all other well-being. Once you are spiritually aware and connected to who you are, you are now equipped to take on any challenge with grace and courage. When you are spiritually well you worry less, you are happier and calmer, you relax more, your thoughts are clearer and you walk and talk with purpose.

Your spiritual well-being means you are aware of self and of the divine.

Your spiritual well-being means you have accepted and owned who you are.

Your spiritual wellness means, you are bold enough to be unapologetically you!

Your spiritual well-being means you are comfortable in your own skin and you no longer feel the need to compare yourself to anyone

Your spiritual wellness means, you have accepted that you are the curator-the designer and the creator of your reality

your spiritual wellness means, you no longer rely on or limit yourself to only your physical abilities-you know that you are more powerful then what met the eyes.

Growing your connection to self, GOD/Source/The Universe is the far most important thing you can do for you.

This process is the rebirth of self, the coming alive phase of who you are.

Spiritual Wellness is a perpetual phase, you never stop working on you and aligning yourself with your truth.

One of the best things that have happened to me is finding myself spiritually. Before these findings transpire I was lost, depressed, lonely, feeling unworthy, crippled by fear, unsure of who I am, living by everyone’s opinion of who I am, doubting myself, and so many more low vibrational feelings.

I had no clue who I was or where I would end up, I was at an all-time low, however, in two short years of this epiphanic moment I was able to write a book, started my own thriving company and are changing lives universally.




Being well is the best reward one can give to self-all fundamentals of well-being are important to improve your life, increase productivity and generate success.

Wellness is the fuel that moves your engine of success. When you feel well, you radiate, you get excited about life - and you embrace the journey.

Wellness is more than just healthy- it is a LIFESTYLE so, to be well in all areas we MUST be prepared to adopt a new LIFESTYLE,however, we MUST see the importance of having excellent well-being, that way we will put a higher value on taking care of ourselves-putting ourselves first and improving our well-being

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post and all other posts are helpful in achieving your wellness and spiritual goal.

See you next time when we well discuss- our next topic!

Remember you are a  Life Creator…creating your own reality!


Have a Creative Day!


Joelee (Life Creator/ Lightworker)


Transforming Lives…through Manifested Reality

Understanding spirituality & the Universal Laws


There are too much misinformation out here that leads us to believe that spirituality has a religious meaning or connection. Today I want to clear up the propaganda and bring light to the true essence of spirituality.

First, I will say spirituality and growing your spiritual consciousness has nothing to do with religion, they are two separate practices. We were also led to believe that in order to become spiritual one has to be religious, which Is completely false. We don’t need to be religious to be GOD-like.

When we speak of spiritual consciousness we really mean your GOD like consciousness.

Spirituality is knowing and connecting to yourself through knowing and connecting with the divine creator. You cannot get to GOD without first knowing, who you are and your purpose.

This is what the experts mean when they speak about knowing your WHO and  your WHY

So, you first must know who you are and secondly. why you are here.

Many of us are confused in our thinking that our why is to gain material wealth. Yes, in the material world, accumulating materials are important, however, in the spiritual realm, these materials are of no importance.

In the Bible when GOD spoke about Gaining the world and losing your soul this is exactly what he was speaking about.  Man losing his way by wanting to accumulate material wealth and forgetting about his soul, which is him. Many of us lost our way by being distracted by our connection with the material man( our lower consciousness) which is our physical state of being. We long forget that there is a higher meaning to our existence and that’s gaining connect to the spiritual man, which is our higher or God-like self or consciousness.

 Let me rephrase, we don’t need to connect but reconnect to our higher self because that higher self is always with us and is who we are.  It never leaves us- it is always there waiting on us to reconnect with it.

So, until we disconnect from the material world and reconnect with our divine being. we will never know who we are and why we are here. “It is time”(link)  for us to refocus and make that connection with our soul-our true self.

Growing your Spiritual Conscoiusness

There are many ways to grow your spiritual consciousness, one of the first things you must do is acknowledge that there is a higher being that created us and that higher being knows and controls everything below-above and within. When you acknowledge this fact you must then turn your attention to yourself and acknowledge that you are more than your physical self – more than just the material man, you are GOD-like.  When you accept these two facts, believe and live by them. There are also divine principles or laws that you must know and understand to keep you grounded and aligned with the divine creator.

Spirituality is vast, there are so many facets to knowing and understanding spiritual consciousness. There are so much knowledge and wisdom to gain from knowing and connecting with your higher self, you will never be bored. When you get to this level of consciousness you will see the material world as valueless, you no longer place any value on the material but on the essence of spirituality and divinity.

As I said earlier many of us are lost because we do not know the divine laws neither are we living by them.  We are lost because we are operating from our lower consciousness, which is our physical being. We are so far removed from our own reality so much so we believe that own purpose- the reason why we were born into this world is acquiring material wealth. It doesn’t matter how much you gained materially,  if you are out of alignment with divinity then your soul is lost and you will relive the same karma until you reconnect with your soul.

Some things you must know and understand is every living thing is connected and interconnected. We are no different the animals or the plants, we came from the same source- connected to the same source. Once you come to this realization you will have more appreciation  and respect for these things

 Everything you do affects the entire universe and because everything vibrates nothing you do are say stays with you, it travels far into the universe through vibration and someone else will pick up on this energy, so, it is very important to be mindful of what you do or say. When I was a child I was always told to be careful of the words that come out of my mount. I never understood then the real reasoning behind that saying, but today I do and this is exactly why.

Knowing the Seven  Divine/Universal laws or Principles

Many of us know about universal laws. But do we really know their importance to life?

The most common and known universal law is the Law of Attraction, which really is the law of cause and effect we know about this law but do we know how powerful this law is and how it affects our life?

As people, we dissect the laws and recreate our laws, however, there are only seven divine laws that govern our existence.

I will not get too deep into these laws, I will list all seven laws and briefly explain what these laws mean and the importance they hold to our existence.

If you want to learn about the seven divine laws, read my blog on the Seven divine laws.

Ok,  Like  I said there are seven divine or universal laws, these laws are laws that we must come to know, practice and insert into our everyday life. Understanding these seven laws will improve your well- being and positively impact your life at whole. While you can break man-made laws you can never break the divine laws, so going against these laws is self-sabotaging

Now, lets like at these Seven Universal Laws.  The first law is the law of ;

 Mentalism- This law states that everything is mental. Every manifestation starts within our thoughts. Therefore whatever you focus on becomes your reality!

The second universal law is the law of ;

Correspondent –  The law of correspondent states that whatever happens above affects what happens below, so does whatever happens within effects what happens within. Therefore, whatver is manifested in the lower realm affects the higher realm and visa versa. 

 The third divine law is the law of;

Vibration- this law states the everything is vibrational, our thoughts, actions, the entire earth is vibrational.

The fourth divine law is the law of

Polarity- This law states that everything has a negative and positive pole. Eg. Good and bad, happy and sad, high and low, etc.

The fifth Universal law  is the law of

Flow- The law of flow states that everything has a natural way of flowing- a  natural rhythm, hence we must allow this to natural rhythm to happen without interference.

The sixth  divine law is the law of;

Cause and effect-  This law states that nothing happens by chance, whatever you the outcome is a reflection of such an act. So your manifestation is base on an action created by you.

And the last and final universal or divine law is the law of;

Gender-  The law of Gender states that everything has a masculine and a feminine pole. This law is not referring to the sexes, but to the masculine and feminine qualities of nature.


Universal law chart



There you have it the Seven divine/Universal laws If you read carefully you will see the connection between all seven laws. Which further concur that everything is interconnected. You can compare life to a chain reaction anything that is done on one end of the chain affects the entire chain.

So be careful what kind of reaction you are setting off, remember there is cause and effect the sixth divine law.

I hope you all find this post to be useful. Please share this post with friends and family and invite them to became a member of our Life Creators Family.

I will go deeper into the Seven Divine Laws in a later post! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the content of this blog and you can use it to improve your live and enric the life of others.

I took forward for your engagement and your commitment to the Life Creators Family!

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"Transforming Lives...through Manifested Reality"