Before I dive deep into how to gain complete wellness, I want to take a moment to give you the definition of wellness and the importance of having good well-being. So you can have good knowledge of the importance of taking care of yourself to improve your wellness and also to understand why well-being is so important to your health. You can also learn to move about how to gain complete wellness by reading my book "IT IS TIME"  available on Amazon Kindle or you can get your FREE        download right here Membership.

    What is wellness?

First, I will give you the dictionary meaning of wellness or well-being, then I will give you an overview of what I believe wellness is base on that meaning and from my personal experiences. So, I am giving you two separate meanings of wellness and/or well-being.

Ok. Let us examine the dictionary meaning- wellness in the dictionary means the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”, this meaning was quoted directly from the Webster Dictionary. Now, base on the dictionary’s meaning of wellness or well-being, I believe wellness to be a complete state of being in good health, which we must aggressively pursue to achieve our wellness goals, which includes our mental or psychological health, our emotional health, our physical health, our social health and lastly our spiritual health.

Now, what I believe wellness to be base on my personal journey to achieve complete wellness and my experiences on that journey, wellness or well-being is having a comprehensive sense of self, knowing who you are, where you are heading and what you want to accomplish on your wellness journey. Wellness is creating a lifestyle of ease and comfort-calmness and relaxation. So, with that being said, none of us will achieve wellness until we are centered on who we are. Remember the dictionary defines wellness as working towards a goal, so, therefore, without a conscious sense of self and knowing exactly what you want to acquire on your wellness journey and actively working towards that wellness goal, the further away you are from having any form of well-being. So, to round this up you cannot sit around and expect to have perfect well-being you must take action towards becoming well with consistent work. Just like any other area in your life that you want success, it is the same approach to having complete wellness.

How to Gain Complete Wellness?

Most times when we speak of wellness or well-being health comes to mind, however, I don’t want you to confuse those two. Like, I said wellness is a conscious state of self, and creating balance in your life, hence wellness is a holistic approach to having good health.

Therefore, having complete or good well-being will promote good health., however, they are completely separate. The only connection they have is that they balance or help each other in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Remember wellness is taking care of your mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Being aware of these five fundamentals of wellness will promote a healthier lifestyle

Gaining complete wellness

Ok. So, now let’s look at ways how you can gain or work towards having complete wellness.

Remember I said, wellness is being conscious of who you are, where you are heading and what you want to accomplish. So with that in mind how can you actively work toward achieving your wellness goals?

Everyone's approach towards having complete wellness is different, it is different because we all have our own objectives. Even though we are working on our wellness goals through creating a healthier lifestyle by taking care of the five fundamentals of well-being, which are, mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual state of being, we all have a unique path base on those objectives.

Let’s examine exercise/workout to show the difference base on the objective of the reason why our paths are unique even though we are heading towards the same destination of taking care of these five areas of well-being.

We all exercise for different reasons, right? some of us exercise to stay fit and in shape, some for weight loss purposes, some of us exercise just to feel good about ourselves, some exercise to gain physical strength and others just love to exercise.

So, the objectives are clear why we exercise, however, when we exercise to outcome is the same, it has the same physiological effect on our bodies, even though our reasons to workout differ. The same goes for gaining complete wellness, we might have different reasons and approaches to gaining wellness, however, the outcome is the same.

So, to gain complete wellness first we must have an objective- a goal to work towards. Some goals you can set for yourself are;

  • Gaining Financial stability
  • Having control over your emotional state
  • Improving your lifestyle
  • Controlling your stress level
  • Creating calmness & relaxation
  • Creating work-life balance
  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Feeling centered and grounded
  • Stay focus on goals
  • Improve productivity at work

So, the objectives are set and are clear, now let us examine how you can gain wellness or well-being with these objectives in mind. I am going to give a broader view of how you can gain wellness by putting these goals or objectives into perspective whereas, you can have a tangible experience of understanding how to gain complete wellness.

There are too many goals to examine them all in this blog, therefore, I will choose a few to expound upon. Since gaining financial stability and wellness is a struggle for many of us, I will give you some tools to help you in this area.

Most of us struggle to find a financial balance- to create financial wellness. Being financially well is removing all worry that comes with having or not having enough money.

Here are a few ways to create financial wellness-

  1. Live within your means- Many us for whatever reasons live above our financial means, this is something I get completely. with no limit of credit available to us and creditors are in our faces 24/7 it is more than ever challenging for us to live within our means. It is time for us to breakdown the barriers of the financial burden so we can work towards creating wellness. Removing the power that we place on money and living to please ourselves and no one else is another way to live within means. We must learn to know our financial limits and thrive to stay within those boundaries and not incur debts for ourselves that will lead only to a hike in stress levels which creates an imbalance in our well-being. This now leads me to my second way to create financial wellness
  1. Develop or learn self-control- Self-control is the far most important attribute of gaining financial well-being. Because, when we develop self-control we gain control over all things. Knowing that materially you are ok and that material gain does not improve health or wellness and does not create happiness, we then learn to be satisfied with our material success.
  1. Budgeting- It took me many years to realize how important budgeting is. When we budget we tend to spend less because we know exactly what we have and how far we can extend our spending appetite. Which in return rewards us with living within our means and creating financial well-bing. Budgeting also teaches to "put something aside for rainy days. Start creating financial wellness by smart budgeting.  
  1. Creating another source of income- In this day and age having multiple incomes well create financial stability and improve your well-being. Finding another source of income to supplement your lifestyle will create financial ease and allow you to extend your spending appetite.

Another one of the objectives that I want to look at is,

Feeling good about yourself:

If you do not feel good about your self from the inside you will not feel well. Most of us pay more attention to our exterior, then we do for our interior.

Looking good externally will make you feel good, of course, but this is just a temporary fix. If you are not radiating from the inside-out you are not creating well-being. Creating a “feel-good attitude” is an inside job, so start paying more attention to your inner-self to create wellness, this takes care of your emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Another one of the goals or objectives that I want to look at is work-life balance.

This poses a huge struggle for most of us, we find it extremely challenging to find that balance between our work and our personal life. Many of us do not know how to separate the two. I used to struggle with that too until a friend told me about theturnstile rule.” Knowing and practicing the turnstile rule is the first step in separating work from your personal life to create wellness.

The turnstile rule is- Once you exited the doors or turnstile of your job, you leave work right at that door. It is simple do not carry work home! There is a reason why you leave home to attend to work and that reason is- work is work and it should stay there -home is home and you should keep it as such.

To create wellness with finding a work-life balance is first not to overwhelm yourself with work so that it consumes you. Know that your job is a - task that you are performing it is not your life.

When your thinking starts to shift in this direction you will find that it is a lot easier to balance your work and your life.

Another way how you can create a work-life balance and improve your well-being is- enjoying your time outside of work- remember most of our time is spent at work so why would you want to spend the little time you have to indulge yourself talking about work?


Find ways to enjoy your personal time, like

      • Creating “me time”
      • Take your lunch and enjoy that time
      • Hangout with friends or yourself
      • Go for a walk or a run
      • Spend more time with family
      • Read a book
      • Go to the movies or Netflix and chill
      • Take all your allotted breaks at work
      • Do not put in more hours at work if it is not needed
      • Knowing your personal time- means what is says 




Creating a work-life balance and having complete wellness is easier than you believe, however, it takes discipline and practice.

Remember what I said the definition of wellness is? It is the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”, so that means that you must be fully aware of your state of being and take action to improve or keeping improving that state of well-being.

Remember there are five Fundamentals of wellness which are your mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual state of being.  In everything you do ensure that you are aiming to create well-being because if you are not well you will not be functional. And if you cannot function at your optimal capabilities then your productivity will decrease and your success will be delayed.

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