Hey Lifers,

I know it's an extremely difficult time right now trying to adopt to and cope with the "new norm" created by Ms. Corona herself.

Since the outbreak of the  Corona Virus in 2109 in china and it becoming a  worldwide pandemic in early 2020, forcing most of the world's population to self-quarantine , parctice social-diatancing, wear a mask and self-isolate, many have found it increasingly challenging  to cope mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

There is no doubt that this change in our physical structure  has taken a serious toll on all of us, including me.
In early march, the10th to be exact,  two days before my thirty-eight birthday and five days before my biggest competitive run, the first case of Covid 19 was registered  in Jamaica.  My first  course of action was, to pull my then 8 year old son out of school, stock up on food and supplies. I remember going to the bookstore and investing in suduko ( never done sudoku but o sure learned how to), Word puzzles, drawing and coloring books for the kids, card games,  and dominoes. My mind went straight  into survival mood. How to cope mentally,  while stay activate, not only me but the children also.
How could I keep them busy knowing that the norm they knew was going to change rapidly.
So for the first month or so we stayed home, played games, do puzzles,  read, watch tv (the kids) and do whatever else we could do.
I, personally, increased my spiritual mantra, I meditated and prayed more often. I read my Bible more frequently, increase my breathing techniques and yoga. I did whatever I could do for my well-being and sanity. I had no phone at the time so it worked out perfect for me cause I was not distracted and could focus on getting in these practices.

Fast forward six months later, coping hasn't been easy. Even though business is good and I have expand and added a health and welness line of products opened and Esty Shop . Launched  a health and wellness YOUTUBE CHANNEL  and a few live exercise sessions on Facebook  quarantine and Sweat and its yoga time. Somehow, with keeping so busy  I still find time to worry. Lol (In typical Joelee style).  It doesn't matter who you are, what you are doing and how busy you are, mental health issues doen't not care about all of that. It is a matter of how we cope and  balance it all. A lot have changed in my live since COVID and I am certain a lot have changed n you life as well. What has always been one of my biggest challenges is adjusting (I have been very vocal about this).
it' is unsually on extreme to the next for me and I am still working on finding a balance, the thing is each time something cgahnges in my life or ours, we have to adjust to accommmodate  that thing or new change.

To, say the least it has not been a walk in the park, even though I would love to talk a walk in the park. I don't enjoy the outdoors as much,  since everywhere I  go wearing a mask is required. We cannot dine-out, even though I don't do that much because of my vegan/alkaline diet and its extremely  hard to find food to eat out, but when i do i like to enjoy it. So because of these mountainous reason, I opted on staying home which has not been that great for my mental health.

Which led me to write this blog. I think that since I am struggling to cope and creating a balance with everything I know about the universal laws and is being Life Creators (creators of our reality) I am pretty sure others who don't  have the wear-it-all and the knowledge  are finding it double time hard.

So, today I will share with you five ways to cope with COVID19 and  this pandemic, and how to keep your mental health in check!

Five ways how to cope with COVID19

Tip number one on how to cope with Corona


Do not set your expectations  too high at this time. Do not create additional  stress for yourself keep your stress-meter down and take it day by day. Accept new daily challenges with smile and with ease. Be gentle and loving to your self, practice self-care take breaks where needed, read a book.

Tip number two on how to cope with Corona


Having daily routine, flexible to change, can give you something to look forward to daily while improve your health.
Meditate, pray, breathe, read your bible, practice yoga, go for a run and walk, eat on time, get good rest, all of these when practice daily will improve your mental, physical,  emotional,  social and spiritual  health.

Tip number 3 on how to cope with Corona


Many of us are afraid  to ask for help, however no one will know you need help if you do not ask for help. Remember we are all going through these change and people are busy taking care of they immediate family, so if you need help in any way ask someone for help. The Bible says "Ask and you shall recieve" so put your pride, fear, ego aside and start asking for help, the worst that can happen is that you might here no, but so what ? Ask again until you get help. There are also help lines that you can call for help if you need someone to talk to.( link)

Tip number four on how to cope with Corona.


If you are like me who is at home everyday. Make yourself busy. Start up that online business you've always went to start. Find new ways of challenging yourself.Start a youtube channel of tou are into that sort of thing. Use up the virtual space. Be creative in your thinking, you'll be surprise how much innovative ideas you will come up with.

Tip number Five on how to cope with Corona


This is a big one! Whenever you are feeling worried or stress take a moment to connect, breathe, and remember who you are. Remember that GOD has made you with the spirit not of fear, but of POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND. Tell yourself that it is OK. And keep repeating it until you believe it!

Not all of us cope with situations  the same way. Find what works for you and stick with it. To begin these are basic practices that you can incorporate  in your daily routine to see what works best for you.
However, whatever you do, remember self-preservation  is KEY!

Improve your health....improve your life!

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If you have not joined our community, (link)  please do so now to get the individual  support you need.

Peace, love and prosperity!


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Hi Lifers,
So today I want the share with you some quick tips on how to prep your purple seamoss for use.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of things let me give you are quick, but detailed rundown on my experience  and experiment  with this purple irish moss.


Irish moss have been around for as long as I know and I am no stranger to Seamoss.  Growing up in Jamaica on the St. Mary coast, where fishermen and divers would Wildcraft the moss and use for its nutritional values, my introduction  to seamoss was established  for since I was about five years old, way back in the 1980s.

Now, the world is just now catching up thanks to Dr. Sebi (God bless his soul) and now that is this huge craze about seamoss and everyone, including myself have been raving about the nutritionally dense superfood.

Now,fast forward  thirty years later I have come full circle with the moss.
I started using seamoss again ,religiously for the passed two year, when I officially transitioned from a traditional diet to a vegan/alkaline diet, again, thanks to Dr. Sebi for is well researched alkaline food list, I can now say that I am I true vegan and  pro- Dr. sebi.
After using the moss along with after herbs recommended  by the doctor himself (Sebi)  and have lived and benefited from their goodness, I have created my own health line of products, which can be found at online store  and also at our Esty Shop

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty of things and why I write this blog



I am raving about the goodness of this moss before I have personally used it and have seen and benefitted from all its glory. But not only that, I that searched thelegth and breath of Jamaica  to find this species of purple moss and have done tons of experiments, such, shelf-life. Washing and dry of the moss both in full sun and partial and how to make the perfect seamoss GEL.

I will write a blog about how to make the gel, but that's for later, first you need to know how to prep the moss.

After my experiment I concluded that purple moss is so different  from purple moss, in term of texture, both gel and raw, consistency, look, and taste, which makes the process to prepare somewhat different.
Let's talk about the drying process a bit, because this is on a need to know basis especially,  if you are shopping for purple, but really don't know what it looks like.
After I collect the moss from the divers I usually wash and dry the moss, why? Because there are just to much sea particle attached to the moss and I refuse to sell it that way.

My first experiment with drying g was direct sunlight, few hours later after putting the moss out to dry, went back it was golden, yes when wet  purple seamoss is place directly the sun turns it golden.
So, when you buy your purple seamoss to keep its purple clear DO NOT sun dry.
Without adding sunlight when drying I find that the purple seamoss still change slightly in color. Instead of its usual rich  purple color it more dark purple when dry.
However, there is nothing to worry about, like I said I did all the work for you and this is where it gets interesting. When I re-wet  the moss I find that it went right back to its usual rich purple color. So. If you buy some purple moss and it's dark purple that means the seller took time to wash and dry the moss so you can buy your moss clean and nice.

see pic for reference

What you should know about purple seamoss

*Purple seamoss does not GEL when soaked
*Purple seamoss does not GEL when blended

*Purple have make the yummiest gel awith a food-like consistency.
*Purple seamoss has a different texture than the golden seamoss

*Purple seamoss change slightly in color wash and when sun-dried

* Purple sea moss is sometimes two-toned
* Natural Seamoss is NOT heavily salted.
* A handful goes a far  way.

Prepping your purple seamoss

* In a bowl wash a handful of purple seamoss under running water (no lime is necessary)
* After washing pour water overvwasje seamoss, just enough to fully cover all of the moss
* Leave to soak for as long as you wish, I usually do two days Why? Because the longer you soak the more refined it is when blend, or maybe my ninja blender doesn't  know how to blend purple moss, Ethier way soak it for a while longer, and thank me later.
* You can use the soaking water to blend moss, adderall, it'sclean water and I am sure some nutrients dissolved in the water. ( I know all about that, I vacationed in food and nutrition in school).
Now your seamoss is ready to be added to your smoothies,tea, soup, porridge and gravy. It is also ready for GEL making , skincare and haircare.


Sea moss overall is very use to preppare and it so nutrituoisly good. Seamoss is safe for anyone to use.Thye only group I would suggest limited use for is anyone who has excess iodine in thier boold. Seamoss can be used for skincare and haircare see related video below.

Note: Purplr sea moss  when rewashed and dried because darker in color. But there is no need to worry if you buy a package of our purple sea moss and it doesn't have iys usual bright colr. All you need to do is wet the moss and before ypu know it-it's back to its rich purple color.

There you have it! All you need to know about purple seamoss, well not, I never mentioned  its nutritional value. Keep checking back I will blog about how to make the perfect gel!

A reminder to visit our etsy shop . There are products  that is listed  etsy shop that aren't listed on our official online store and visa versa.

Also, take a moment to browse arounf our landing page the rest of what twe offer!!

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Let's talk health


 Peace, Love and prosperity!


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Hey Lifers,

Not sure how much you know about SEA MOSS also called IRISH MOSS and scientifically known as CHONDRUS CRISPUS.

SEA MOSS with its many health benefits has become one of, if not the MOST sort-after and used SUPERFOOD

I am NOT surprised though that it is!  We are just returning to the natural &  traditional way of healthcare.   As a little girl growing up in a small rural town in St. Mary called Robin's Bay-a fishing and farming community., Sea Moss was widely crafted and used by  fishermen and most of the population there,ven us as children were fed seamos.  Sea Moss was looked at among men as the supplier of stamina, endurance,and physical strength- it was also said to increase sprem count which would in crease fertility rate.

When I was growing up, in my small town mostly men used Irish Moss, (what we called it, here in Jamaica), even though it was use among both sex and spread across age-group. The  Moss was  also harvested by the divers and sold to businesses who would then prepared and packaged the moss.

These businesses would direct thier Irsish moss advertisement to men  as a suppliment to boosts male stamina, hence why one reason it was so popular among males.

I remember as a little girl how men and women alike would talk about how great the Moss was. Not that we/they knew all its other benefits. They only knew that it was good based on the effect they had after consuming it, such as stamina, strength and vitalty.

Now, Fast forward several years later, with more research into its benefits and the infamous Dr. Sebi singing its praises and telling all its useful tales, CHONDRUS CRISPUS has reclaimed its throne and have now become to MOST demanding superfood.

With 92 (ninety-two) minerals out of the 102 (one-hundred-two)  mineral within the body, Sea Moss is no doubt one of the most nourishing seaweed.


People all over the planet have become obsessed with  SEA MOSS and have been using it for its many health benefits. I, myself have been using this highly nutritious seaweed- religiously for the past two years, and as a vegetarian using SeaMoss fits perfectly into my diet. 

Apart from its high nutritional content and value, Sea moss provides tons of after health benefits and uses. Sea Moss is a source of antioxidants, it also boosts energy and the immune system. Sea Moss can be used for digestion health, skincare, haircare, and so many other benefits.  

 Pictures below showing two different species of seamoss (we carry both)



When you purchase our SUN-DRIED SEA MOSS you must prepare it for usage.  Don't worry preparation is easy and a little of our sun-dried Sea moss goes a far way.

If you purchase a 4oz pack of our SUN-DRIED SEA MOSS that 4 oz when wet will give you  4lbs, hence a little goes a far way.

Now, after you have purchased your Sea Moss and have received it in the mail before you use it has to be prepared.

To prepare the Dried Moss for usage,  take a small amount (pinch)  in a bowl. This can last for several uses.

Wash with clean running water ( you can also use lime or lemon to cut away impurities)

after you have cleaned the moss, fresh alkaline water over Moss and leave to soak for a few hours or even overnight.

You can place the soaking moss in the Refridgerator or leave on the counter, whichever in fine.

Remember to properly close the package with the remaining Moss.

After the moss is soaked it is now ready to used. 

Refer to pic below to see how the moss looks when it is soaked and ready to use. (remember a little goes a far way,)



When the moss looks like the picture above it is now ready to be used.

(store soaked unuse moss in an airtight container in the refrigerator)

Wet moss can be used in many ways. You can use wet jelly moss in smoothies, as a raising agent when baking, as a gravy thickener, or you can eat it just as is. The wet moss can also be used as a face mask and hair treatment. Just blend a small amount until dissolved and form a thick jelly. Then apply to face(body) and hair, leave few at least 10mins then rinse with lukewarm water.

See our RECIPES for ways how you can use the moss in meal preparation.

I hope you find this article helpful and you learn some new ways how to prep and use our SEA MOSS leave a comment and let us know some of the ways you have been using sea moss and how it has worked for you.

You can also, send recipes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will add them to our recipes on our website.

Thank you!



 Peace, love, Prosperity!



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