Hey Lifers!

Let's talk about self-care, self-love, and acceptance!

. How much do you know about self-care beyond the typical, hair and nail and sending money we don't have to buy expensive designer brands, to impress others. contrary to the belief that self-care and involves us spending big bucks, Self-care self-love and acceptance, DOES NOT require us spending a dime much less a buck. As women, we like to say that  "We work for it so it is ok o treat ourselves", there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while- I go out and spend too at times when I feel like I deserve it or when I get that itch to spend.-but let's not confuse self-care with treating to yourself. with a designer bag or shoes or even going out to dine or even going on a vacation. We do these things to satisfy a physical desire or to meet social expectation-these are not an act of self-love or self-care. Some may disagree but my case is, does any of this bring you lasting satisfaction? I can tell you what the answer is ......NO!  When we do these things they become a repetitious act that we do every time we are feeling down or sad or feel like we need a break. NOt saying that doing these things is bad, however, they can become bad habits that are hard to break away and have us spending more than what we can afford. 


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Hello Lifers!♥♥

I hope for you the best of times. Always wear a cheering countenance and remember GOD is in control.

 So, it's another week and another blog. Gosh! the weeks have been going by so first since I am been quarantined.

Every morning when I wake up, to ensure that I do not lose track of the days, what I do is I repeat what day it is to myself. funny uhh? But as funny as it is this is a  day tracking method that I have developed since quarantine that works for me. Right now it is......whatever I can do to keep my mind, body, and soul functioning at optimal capacity.  I also have been doing an extreme amount of spiritual work. I feel like now is the time to gain spiritual awareness and making that divine connection and since we have time on our hands it pays to make use of it!

Personally, during this time a lot has changed and I have been trying new things, in the kitchen, with the kids, and in my business. 

This is a really hard time for many, I know, but it does get easier when you have a ritual and something to look forward to every day. It also gets easier when you know at the end of it all there is light at the end of the tunnel.

 Speaking of kids, My 8-year-old son of all three of my children is the most active. He enjoys a lot of what I enjoy so since he's home and time is important I decided that since he likes to workout we should team up and create a Mother and Son Fitness DuoSo, we started around two weeks ago on Facebook Live to encourage other persons who are in quarantine to stay fit and keep active, which turned out to be not such a bad idea after all. My son loves it -our audience loves it -I love it and we are all just having a great time. Now we go live every Wednesday at 10 am est. 

Ok. So now let's talk about how to stay fit during this quarantine. and covid19 pandemic. alright! so, Lifers, This is what I want you to remember, fitness is not just a physical thing. Fitness also includes mind and spirit/soul. Fitness is basically our ability to perform a task and how well we can do it. So when we speak of fitness think about agility, strength, stamina, endurance. So fitness encapsulates our ability to function effectively, therefore, everyone performs a task base on their level of fitness.


So let's look at some ways how you can stay fit. Staying active in any way will increase your level of fitness- the fitter you are the less energy you will exert when performing a task. That means fitness helps to conserve energy that way you won't feel burnt out after completing a task and the fitter you are the more productive you will be. When you look at fitness from a spiritual perspective, you are looking at how deep your connection is with the divine creator. So while you are staying physically fit you must ensure that you are putting in the spiritual work to gain spiritual fitness.

 Walking- Going for a nice walk outside will definitely keep you fit. Remember that when you are participating in any exercise you must activate physiology.  If you are not engaging all the organs and circulating the flow of blood throughout your body then you will not reap its benefit. Therefore, a brisk walk for at least 30mins is more effective than a slow leisure walk in the park.

Running- Personally. I like to run, I like things to happen fast and running engage all the organs and allow physiology to kick in way quicker than walking, Hence, 10 mins running would be equivalent to 30-40 mins walking. So you work for a shorter time but getting more out of your workout.

TIP: If you decide to run as a beginner start off very slow then increase your pace the more comfortable you become. You can also try running and walking combo. Also, run for a shorter time period then increase your time gradually.

Yoga- Yoga is also one of my favorite exercises to do. I love yoga because not only is it great for the fitness of the body, it also does wonders for the mind as well.AS a beginner when doing yoga. it should be painless. If you are in pain that means you are overextending yourself. There are tons of simple postures for yoga, so start with those and then gradually move to more complicated poses. I have been practicing yoga for years and I am still at the basic poses. That's what you call taking it extremely slow. All I am saying you got to know your limits.

Reading-  This is another way how to keep the mind fit. I personally do not like to read. (who odes) so my strategy is I read things to interest me. I find that when I do this I am more inclined to read. So, if you are like me, then find books, magazines, articles online that interests you.  Right now, all I read is my Bible, so that's also an option if you are seeking to gain spiritual wisdom.

Cycling- Cycling is one of the best ways to stay fit. I find riding a bike to be very calming- it is so different from running or walking. I would compare cycling to yoga or mediation., especially if you are cycling on a well-vegetated trial. Nature is very calming, so while you are being fit and toning your legs you are reconnecting with nature.

Dancing-  Dancing is fun and a good way to stay fit. Many of us dread the idea of exercising, however dancing is a fun way to stay active. So throw on you favorite music and get moving!♥

Gardening- I find gardening to be very relaxing, it involves movement, such as lifting, so not only is it good for the fitness of the mind, it is also good for physical fitness. I have started a little garden since quarantine and it gives me something to look forward to when I wake up in the mornings. 


Remember that the body was made to move and stay active, therefore anything that we do that involves action is good for us. Ensure that you are not just sitting on the couch watching tv or just laying in bed, but you are moving around and keeping yourself active. Do some nice stretches to loosen tension in the muscles and joints and find things to do.

In the first few weeks of quarantine, I was so focused on the kids and ensuring that they transitioned well, but now my focus is on me, and staying fit is one of my main motivations. Remember fitness is not just of the body, it is of the spirt as well. Engaging in spiritual activities, such as meditating, reading your Bible,  practicing your breathing, grounding, connecting with nature, will improve your life in a big way.

AS usual, Thank you for reading my blog I appreciate you and I hope that you find information shared here to be very helpful. My blog is an extension of my work. There are so many more useful resources that I provide. such as my PODCAST, my BOOKand so much more useful resources..

Take a  moment to browse my website to see what we offer.


Have a Creative Day!


Spiritual Activist/ Life Creator


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Hello, hello, my beautiful LIfers,

I am so happy to be alive and back writing my weekly blogs. This blog is the start of something new! You already know my job is the complete my divine duty by educating you and providing you with the tools to tap into your GOD-GIVEN  abilities and use them to enrich your life. But I so many other resources that you can use fro that such as my PODCAST, my  BOOKS my motivational videos that can be found on right here on my website FACEBOOK,  and YOUTUBE.  So, I have decided to tone down my blogs (not completely), however partially. So, my blogs will consist of WOrk and play, so to speak. You will be getting a little bit of me on the personal side along with my usual posts. How does that sound? Great! .right? excellent.

Now with that bit of info out the way Let me tell you why I have not posted a blog in over two months. Two reasons why I have written a blog in over two months. One, I wanted To make my blog public so that it could be read by everyone, which was a challenge for me, so after months of trying I finally contacted the developer. 

Two,  COVID-19 , do I say more? I believe we are all affected by this Acronym in one way or the next. Many of us can't wait for it to pass so we can get back to normal, some of us are fearful that we might contract the virus, Then there are others like me who carry on with life as normal. 

Based on my spiritual beliefs and my knowledge on the universal laws, GOD, and the Bible. I do my best to not allow fear to take me over, by avoiding to e inundated with news updated on the virus. I take my updates in small manageable portions. I also, do filtering by selecting the updates that I want by not allowing others to drown me with updates base on the fear.

Quarantine has not been easy, however, I cannot say it's difficult either. I try to focus on the god stuff and keep my days positive and bright.

I also started gardening, planting vegetables, since my household is vegetarian. I still do my morning routine, which consists of either walking/running or light yoga, and meditation. I also read my Bible and pray, of course,  Recently I start setting my intention for the day, which works! so that's how I start every day on a positive. 

I am not quarantined alone, So I need all the sanity, "zenness"  and positive energy that I can get. I have my eight-year-old son (who sometimes act like two) My seventeen-year-old son and my twenty-year-old daughter.  For the most part, everyone is ok until my eight-year-old starts acting like he needs to go on medication. My daughter works, so every day she is locked in her bedroom working, and the boys are either tv or soccer/football or any other activities or games that we put together.


Well, this is not going so well. Initially in the first week or two Devon's teacher had created Google Classroom and we were doing great! until we weren't doing so good anymore, let's just say my son loves watching TV more than how he loves school, and I don't believe that he's at a critical age where he as to be in school, Besides I set his work (maybe not daily) but he's getting some knowledge in now and again. Maybe because he's so smart I believe.that he is not really missing out Reading is fundamental so I have him read and do word puzzles almost daily. So, that's homeschooling for us!



So, when news broke about the virus in my country (Jamaica) one of the first things I did was to go to the store and pick up a few games along with puzzle books. I n the first couple weeks we were all excitedly playing these games until the excitement wore off, people got bored or maybe their phones were more exciting, Whatever it is no one wanted to play games anymore, without me beating them over their heads.

Well, being the person that I am, always looking for ways to "fix it" especially with my kids,  I came up with sports day/activity day, because, Deveon (eight-year-old ) said he was bored and I also thought they were spending too much time inside. So, outside we go!

I planned with their help an activity day with their help, so we came up with a few activities, such as WATER IN THE BUCKET RACE, POTATO RACE, HOLE IN ONE COMPETITION, RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK  and SPOON RACE. This was such an exciting event/day we all had fun including me! 




Quarantine isn't easy like I said neither is it hard, well in my household at least. One of the trends that have developed is "EATING, EATING, and MORE EATING!! 

The boys eat like it's the latest fashion trend and I thought wearing a mask was the latest fashion trend. And as vegetarians, this means I have to get creative!

I really do believe having them home is far more expensive than them being out of the house going the school- even when I am paying for school. Because of this new trend, I had to get trendy with the food to make it more exciting and appealing, so Deveon and I came up with cultural cuisine. where everyday I prepare something from a different culture. So one day I am doing Tacos enchilada, the next I am doing falafel hummus and pita bread or maybe we decide to go to Asia and do Chinese noodles or fried rice. ( since we can't go there physically)  I must add that we all love this cultural experience which is a win-win for me because I love seeing my kids enjoying their food, this really makes me happy!♠

However, on other days it's not this lovely because not every day I can cook like that, so on the days I can't or decides not to, I can't say that everyone is cleaning their plates and licking their fingers! 

I must add, though that my kids are so easy to deal with (like me) which makes my job at this time this much easier. The only issue is I wish they didn't eat so much! But the good thing is and I am grateful, that I am able to provide for them at this time because many have lost their jobs with no income or savings, and at this point struggling to make ends meet so I am very grateful and thankful to GOD.  I am holding myself back from getting into the heavy stuff because this blog is a fun blog! ♥

 We are all going through this crisis separately, in our homes but we are going through it together, in our experiences, whether, with our spouse, our kids, or us trying to find a balance and keep our sanity. We all have similar experiences and something to share or advice to give or even a suggestion. Because of that reason, I would love to hear from you! You connect with me through my LIfe Creators email club This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Here you can ask questions, send suggestions, or just share your experience. And yes I do reply, whether, with an email, a blog post, or an episode of my podcast or maybe all options- either way you will get a reply!  

or you can sign up our LIfe Creators family where discussions can be held openly in our FORUM, you can even chat with me live inside our MEMBER'S ONLY area.

Also, If you are posting about Life Creators or me Joelee Please use hashtag #joeleewiththefacts 

Thank you so much for your time -it definitely means a lot to me when you read my blog or listen to my podcast.  Get all my links in one place 





LIfe Creator/ Lightworker



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