Frequently asked questions

What's the expiration date on your products

Most of our products are alkaline based and carry a longer shelf-life than acidic products. Once stored in a cool dry place our products will stay fresh for a very long time.


Where do you ship?

Life Creators ship worldwide. Delivery time and shipping cost may vary base on shipping destination. However due to COVID we are only able to ship to some countries and regions


How do I know I am getting what I order?

All products listed are made, packaged and sold by Life Creators.
We also pride ourselves on honesty. We stand completely behind our products quality.
Know that when you purchase from Life Creators you are getting only the best! We treat our customers with the same care and integrity as we treat ourselves.


How do I use the product?

Instructions on how to use our products are detailed on the label. However, if there is anything you need to know about our products that is not provided on the product label. Please send us a message  orders@wearelifecreators.com


Where is your business located?

We are a local business that operates in Kingston, Jamaica.